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Joseph Brennan

At work I am Manager of Email and Systems Applications at Columbia University Information Technology. My team administers Columbia’s main email system, serving 55,000 active users. I do a mixture of things: development, operations, junk mail control and security, and problem-solving. I work with Sendmail, Mimedefang, Spamassassin, Perl, shell scripting, and a little C, running on Linux systems, and also... Google Apps. I use Mac OS X on my workstation and at home.

However this is my personal web page and it has nothing to do with that. I’ve put here a collection of things I worked on and some links to pages I keep visiting, in case anyone is interested. For my own stuff, mouse over the little pictures up there, or click on this list:

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Special note: this page is done without tables.

L   I   N   K   S

NEW YORK: Forgotten NY (Kevin
SEQUENTIAL ART CRIT: The Comics Curmudgeon
POLITICS: TPM (Talking Points Memo)
SUBWAYS: NYCSubway (David Pirmann)
SUBWAY MAPS: Transit Map History (Peter Lloyd)
... and comments
THE MUSIC BIZ: The Lefsetz Letter
“WORDPLAY”: Quotation Marks

Bad Machinery (Monday to Thursday)
Questionable Content (Monday to Friday)
Gunnerkrigg Court (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Sinfest (every day)
XKCD (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Wilde Life (Monday,Thursday)
Johnny Wander (Tuesday, Thursday)
Tweep (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Cat and Girl (Tuesday, Friday)
School of World (almost daily)
The Fusco Brothers (every day)
Diesel Sweeties (Monday to Friday)
Two Guys and Guy (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Hark! A Vagrant (Kate Beaton) (sometimes)
Octopus Pie (irregular)
Tom the Dancing Bug (Saturday)
Subnormality (Monday, sometimes)
S P Q R Blues (sometimes)