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Taking an integrative approach to understand why complex animal societies form and how organisms cope with environmental change through studies that combine behavior, ecology and evolution with those of the underlying molecular and neuroendocrine mechanisms.


Kenya program featured in a movie produced by the Columbia Global Centers.

Special issue on Integrative Animal Behavior in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.

Future of animal behavior: New Frontiers for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior.

Kenya Program featured in the Columbia College Annual Report and Columbia College Today.

Lab featured in the Columbia Magazine.

Field expeditions to Kenya and Belize featured in The New York Times.


Postbac students Stefanie Siller and Sarah Khalil both received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, and MA student Eleanear Diamant received an honorable mention. Former undergraduate student Lea Pollack (’12) also received the award.  (3/16)

Yuki Haba received a travel grant from the Columbia Earth Institute to study burying beetles in Japana this summer.  (3/16)

Solomon Chak received a Fellowship from the Life Sciences Research Foundation.  (3/16)

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