Philip Stuart Kitcher                              November 2003



Higher Education


            Christ's College, Cambridge; 1966-1969, B.A. 1969, (M.A. 1996).

            (First class honours in Mathematics/History and Philosophy of Science)


            Princeton University; 1969-1973; Ph.D. 1974

            (Department of Philosophy/Program in History and Philosophy of Science)





            Henry Schuman Prize, 1971


            University of Vermont Summer Research Grant, 1975


            University of Vermont Summer Research Grant, 1979


            NEH Summer Research Grant, 1979


            ACLS Study Fellowship, 1981-82


            University of Vermont Distinguished Scholar in Humanities and Social Sciences, 1983


            NEH Fellowship for College Teachers, 1983-84


            NEH Grant for Institute to Investigate a Possible New Consensus in Philosophy of Science (Joint Principal Investigator with C. Wade Savage)


            Imre Lakatos Award (co-winner with Michael Friedman)  1986.  Awarded for Vaulting Ambition.


            NEH Fellowship for University Teachers 1988-89 (declined)


            John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship 1988-89


            Principal Investigator, five-year NSF Research and Training Grant for the development of a Science Studies Center at UCSD. (Awarded Fall 1990).


            Revelle College (UCSD) Distinguished Teaching Award, 1990.


Appointed Presidential Professor 4/1/1993


UCSD Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award 1993


Library of Congress, Senior Fellow: Bio-Ethics Issues in Molecular Genetics, 1993-94.


Vice-President, American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division), 1996-97.

            President, American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division), 1997-98.


Revelle College (UCSD) Outstanding Faculty Award 1999


Fellow: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 2002)


Phi Beta Kappa Romanell professor, 2003-4



Teaching Experience


            Vassar College: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, 1973-74.


            University of Vermont: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, 1974-Fall 1978


            University of Michigan: Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Winter 1979


            University of Vermont: Associate Professor, Philosophy, 1979-1983


            University of Minnesota:

                        Professor, Philosophy, 1983-1986.  

Director, Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science, 1984-1986.


            University of California/San Diego:

                        Professor, Philosophy, 1986-1993

Faculty Coordinator for Science Studies, 1989-1991

                        Presidential Professor, 1993-1999.


Columbia University:

Professor of Philosophy, 1998-present.

John Dewey Professor of Philosophy, 2003-present




(a)        Books


1.         Abusing Science: The Case Against Creationism. MIT Press, 1982 (paperback 1983).

Chapter 2 has been reprinted in:  Michael Bratman and John Perry (eds) Introduction to Philosophy (Oxford University Press),  Steven Cahn, Patricia Kitcher, and George Sher (eds) Reason At Work (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), and Norman Bowie (ed) The Philosophical Tradition.  Chapters 2-4 also appear in Polish in a Polish volume on the Creation-Evolution controversy.    Parts also appear in Robert Solomon et. al. (eds.)  Twenty Questions (Harcourt Brace), and in E. Klemke (eds) Readings in the Philosophy of Science.   Chapter 1 is to appear in Helen Lauer (ed) History and Philosophy of Science for Science Students Committed in Africa (Unesco).   A translation of the entire book into Korean will appear from EJ Books (Seoul).


2.         The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge.  Oxford University Press, 1983 (paperback 1984).

Chapter 7 is reprinted in Thomas Tymoczko (ed) New Directions in the Philosophy of Mathematics (Birkhauser, 1987).   A translation into Portuguese is currently in preparation.  A French translation is under contract with Payot.   Parts have also been translated into Chinese.


3.         Vaulting Ambition: Sociobiology and the Quest for Human Nature.  MIT Press, 1985 (paperback 1987).


4.         The Advancement of Science, Oxford University Press, April 1993 (paper January 1995).

Parts of Chapter 4 are reprinted in Robert Klee (ed) Scientific Inquiry: Readings in the Philosophy of Science (Oxford University Press, 1998).   Other parts of Chapter 4 are reprinted in J. Arthur and W. Throop (eds) Reason and Culture (Prentice-Hall, forthcoming).

A translation into Spanish has been published by UNAM Press.  A Korean translation is in preparation.


5.         The Lives to Come: The Genetic Revolution and Human Possibilities (Simon.and Schuster [U.S.], Penguin [U.K.], January 1996, paperback editions 1997).  

A German translation has been published by Luchterhand under the title Genetik und Ethik.   A Greek translation has been published by the University of Patras Press. A Spanish translation has been published by UNAM press..   The American paperback contains a postscript on cloning, almost identical with the article “Whose Self is it, Anyway?” (The Sciences, see below).   That postscript is reprinted in Barbara MacKinnon (ed) Human Cloning: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy (University of Illinois Press), and in Glenn McGee (ed) The Human Cloning Debate (Berkeley Hills Books).   Chapter 8 appears in W. Glannon Bioethics (Oxford University Press).   Extracts appear in Mark Rothstein Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (West Publishing, 2002); and in Brenda Spatt Writing From Sources (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002).


6.         Science, Truth, and Democracy, Oxford University Press, 2001; paperback 2003.


7.         In Mendel’s Mirror: Philosophical Reflections on Biology, Oxford University Press, 2003.   (This is a collection of seventeen of my articles: articles numbers 21, 22, 24, 38, 43, 45, 51, 54, 55, 59, 70, 72, 82,83, 84, 92, 93).


8.         Finding an Ending: Reflections on Wagner’s Ring, co-authored with Richard Schacht, Oxford University Press, February 2004.





(b)        Articles


            1.         "Fluxions, Limits and Infinite Littlenesse", Isis, 64, 1973, 33-49.


2.         "Kant and the Foundations of Mathematics", Philosophical Review, LXXIV, 1975, 23-50.

Reprinted in Carl Posy (ed) Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics, Dordrecht: Reidel, 1992.  


3.         "Bolzano's Ideal of Algebraic Analysis", Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 6, 1975, 229-271.


            4.         "Hilbert's Epistemology", Philosophy of Science, 43, 1976, 99-115.


5.         "Explanation, Conjunction and Unification", Journal of Philosophy, LXXIII, 1976, 207-212.


            6.         "Fictionalizers", Philosophical Studies, 30, 1976, 19-27.


7.         "Positive Understatement: The Logic of Attributive Adjectives", Journal of Philosophical Logic, 7, 1978, 1-17.


            8.         "The Nativist's Dilemma", Philosophical Quarterly, 28, 1978, 1-16.


            9.         "The Plight of the Platonist", Nous, XII, 1978, 119-136.


10.       "Theories, Theorists and Theoretical Change", Philosophical Review, LXXXVII, 1978, 519-547.

Reprinted in Volume II of The Philosopher's Annual (1978).  Also in Spanish in an anthology entitled Filosofia de la Ciencia, and in Y. Balashov and A.Rosenberg (eds) Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Readings, Routledge, 2001.


11.       "Frege's Epistemology", Philosophical Review, LXXXVIII, 1979, 235-262.

Reprinted in Hans Sluga (ed) The Philosophy of Frege (New York: Garland, 1993), Volume I.


            12.       "A Priori Knowledge", Philosophical Review, LXXIX, 1980, 3-23.

Reprinted in Volume IV of The Philosopher's Annual (1980), and in Hilary Kornblith (ed) Naturalized Epistemology (Bradford Books/MIT Press: 1985).    Reprinted in R. Goodman and R Snyder (eds) Contemporary Epistemology (Prentice-Hall, 1993).   Also in Albert Casullo (ed) A Priori Knowledge (Dartmouth Press/International Research Library of Philosophy).   Also in J. Crumley (ed) Readings in Epistemology (Mayfield). Also in part in Patricia Kitcher (ed) Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (Rowman and Allanheld).  Also in Fred Dretske and Sven Bernecker (eds) Knowledge: Readings in contemporary epistemology (Oxford University Press)



            13.       "Arithmetic for the Millian", Philosophical Studies, 37, 1980, 215-236.

Reprinted in M. Resnik (ed) Mathematical Objects and Mathematical Knowledge (Dartmouth Press/ International Research Library of Philosophy), in Albert Casullo (ed) A Priori Knowledge (Dartmouth Press/International Research Library of Philosophy), and in V. Sanchez-Valencia (ed) Mill: General Philosophy (Ashgate/International Library of Critical Essays in the History of Philosophy).


14.       "Apriority and Necessity", Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 58, 1980, 89-101.

Reprinted in Paul Moser (ed) A Priori Knowledge (Oxford Readings in Philosophy, Oxford University Press: 1987).


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16.       "How Kant Almost Wrote `Two Dogmas of Empiricism' (And Why He Didn't)", Philosophical Topics, 12, 1981, 217-249.

 (This volume of Philosophical Topics also appears as Essays on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, edited by J.N.Mohanty and Robert Shahan, University of Oklahoma Press). Also reprinted in part in Patricia Kitcher (ed) Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (Rowman and Allanheld).  


            17.       "Explanatory Unification", Philosophy of Science, 48, 1981, 507-31.

Reprinted in:  Joseph Pitt (ed) Scientific Explanation (Oxford Readings in Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 1987) and, with a postscript, in German translation, in G.Schurz (ed) Erklaren und Verstehen in den Wissenschaften (Oldenburg-Verlag, Vienna-Munich, 1988).   Reprinted in Richard Boyd, Philip Gasper, and J.D. Trout (eds) Readings in the Philosophy of Science (Bradford Books, MIT Press, 1991), in D. Rothbart (ed.) Science, Reason, and Reality  (Harcourt Brace), in E. Klemke (eds) Introductory Readings in the Philosophy of Science, and in T. Schick (ed) Readings in the Philosophy of Science: From Positivism to Postmodernism (Mayfield Publishing Co., forthcoming).


18.       "Genes", British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 33, 1982, 337-359.

Reprinted in J. Worrall (ed) Philosophy of the Natural Sciences (Dartmouth Press).


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Reprinted in Allen Wood (ed) Kant on Self and Nature (Cornell University Press, 1984).


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Also in Russian in the Proceedings of the Soviet Seminar (edited by A. Barabashev).


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108.     “History and the Sciences”, with Daniel Immerwahr, to appear in a volume edited by Daniel Herwitz and Michael Kelly


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111.     “Evolutionary Theory and the Social Uses of Biology”, Biology and Philosophy, 19, 2004, 1-15



(c)        Popular, Pedagogical, and Miscellaneous Other Publications


"Remarks on Teaching Philosophy of Science", Teaching Philosophy, 2, 1976, 115-119.


            "Darwin, The Bogeyman", The National Forum, 63, Number 2, 1983, 28-39.


"Good Science, Bad Science, Dreadful Science, and Pseudo-Science", The Journal of College Science Teaching, 14, 1985, 168-173.


"The Trouble with Human Sociobiology Is ...", The Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1985 (commentary on an article by Daniel Vining).


"The Devil, the Details, and Dr. Dennett", (with Patricia Kitcher), The Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1988, (review of Daniel Dennett The Intentional Stance).


            "The Compleat Falsifier", Psychological Inquiry, 2, 1990, 116-117.


“Junior Comes Out Perfect”, The New York Times Magazine (Centenary Issue), Sunday September 29, 1996.  (Also in Italian in Liberal).


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“Jeden gibt’s nur einmal”, (interview) Die Zeit, January 15 1998.


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            Also in part in German in Die Zeit, March 1998.


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Das göttliche Kind: selbstgebastelt”, Der Tagesspiegel, November 3 1998, 25.


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 (d)       Books Edited


PSA 1984, co-edited with Peter Asquith, Philosophy of Science Association, two volumes.


Essays on the History and Philosophy of Modern Mathematics, co-edited with William Aspray, University of Minnesota Press (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science), 1987.

(In addition to my article "Mathematical Naturalism", this volume contains "An Opinionated Introduction", jointly authored by William Aspray and me).


I served as guest editor for a special issue of the Revue Internationale de Philosophie on Philosophy of Mathematics (1988).


Scientific Explanation, co-edited with Wesley Salmon, University of Minnesota Press (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science), 1989.



(e)        Reviews


Approximately forty book reviews in the following publications: Science, Historia Mathematica, Annals of Science, Isis, Philosophical Review, History and Philosophy of Logic, Evolution, Journal of Higher Education, Philosophical Books, New York Times, Nature, The Times Higher Education Supplement, Times Literary Supplement, Journal of Philosophy.





I have given lectures at many universities in the United States and in Europe, most often to departments of philosophy, but often to a general audience, or to science departments.   Among the named lectures or lecture series that I have given are:


Mead-Swing Lectures, Oberlin College, 1988

Forry Lecture, Amherst College, 1989

Rothman Lecture, UCLA, 1990

Coffa Memorial Lecture, Indiana University, 1991

Miller Lecture, University of Illinois, 1994

Jamieson Lecture, University of London, 1995

Hempel Lectures, Princeton Univesity, 1996

Klopsteg Lecture, Northwestern University, 1997

Dickinson Lecture, Rice University, 1999

Templeton Lecture, Sydney University, 1999

Nelson Lectures, University of Michigan, 2000

Thalheimer Lectures, Johns Hopkins University, 2001

Pentekost Lectures, Universität Bielefeld, 2001

Frey Visitorship Lectures, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001

Kant Lectures, Stanford University, 2002

Benjamin Lecture, University of Missouri, 2002

John Wesley Powell Memorial Lecture, South-Western and Rocky Mountain Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003

Romanell Lectures, Columbia University, 2004



Professional Service


            Program Chair, Philosophy of Science Biennial Meeting, 1984.


            Editorial Board, Philosophy of Science, 1985-1994.


Editor-in-Chief, Philosophy of Science, September 1994 -- July 1999.


            Council for Philosophical Studies, 1986-1991.


            Governing Board, Philosophy of Science Association, 1987-91.


Member at large, U.S. Committee, International Union of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science 1988-1993.


Philosophy Editor (Surrogate Delegate) for Oxford University Press (New York) 1994-present


Member, ICSU Working Group on the Ethical Responsibilities of Scientists, 1994-1996.


Member, ICSU Committee on Responsibility and Ethics in Science, 1996 — 1998


Member NIH/DOE Working Group on the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project, 1995-1997.


Representative of the American Philosophical Association to Section L of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1995-1998.


Member, Board of Electors for the Chair in History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University, 1996—97.


Member, Management Committee, Centre for the Philosophy of Science, London School of Economics, 1996--.


Member, Board of Officers, American Philosophical Association, 1996-99.


Selector, Imre Lakatos Award, 1988-99;  Steering Committee, Imre Lakatos Award, 1999--.


Philosophy Referee for John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, 1994—


Philosophy Reader for American Council of Learned Societies, 1998 – .


Philosophy Reader for National Humanities Center, 1998 – .


Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Philosophy, 2000 – .


Mellon Fellowship Committee, 2001 – .