Understanding Global Poverty Estimates


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I: Popular Papers

1.  Unknown: The Extent, Distribution and Trend of Global Income Poverty [Economic and Political Weekly, India]

2. The World Bank’s New Poverty Estimates – Digging Deeper into a Hole

3. A Dollar a Day: How Much Does it Say? [UNDP International Poverty Center newsletter]

4. Counting the Poor: The Truth about World Poverty Statistics [Socialist Register 2006]

5. Are Estimates of Poverty in Latin America Reliable? [UNDP One Pager No. 52]

6. A Consistent Measure of Real Poverty: A Reply to Ravallion [UNDP One Pager No. 54]

7. Counting the Poor [Americas Quarterly]


II: Technical Papers

1. How Not to Count the Poor (long version)

2. How Not to Count the Poor (revised and shorter version, forthcoming in Stiglitz, J et al, Debates on the Measurement of Global Poverty)

3a. Martin Ravallion’s Reply to Reddy and Pogge

3b. How Many Poor People Should There Be? A Rejoinder to Ravallion

4. Has World Poverty Really Fallen? (Review of Income and Wealth)

5. Chinese Poverty: Assessing the Impact of Alternative Assumptions (forthcoming in Review of Income and Wealth)

6. Inter-Country Comparisons of Poverty Based on a Capability Approach (forthcoming in Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen). [COMING BACK SOON]

7. The Choice of Index Number: Part I [COMING BACK SOON]


III: Multimedia and Interviews

1.      Monitoring Global Poverty: Better Options for the Future (Slide Presentation)



IV: Op-eds and Letters:



IV: Comments in the Global Media




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