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E-mail & Computing
About CUIT

Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) provides Columbia University students, faculty and staff with central computing and communications services including email, telephone service, Web publishing, computer labs and electronic classrooms, course management and student information applications, office and administrative applications, and management of the high-speed campus Ethernet and wireless networks. CUIT also manages an array of computer labs, terminal clusters, ColumbiaNet stations, multimedia classrooms, and provides a variety of technical support services.

CUIT Organization

Security and Identity & Access Management manages:
  • Security policies, processes, controls, and administration
  • Secure Identity and Access Control (SIAC), Identity Management
  • Audit coordination
  • Disaster recovery strategy, business continuity planning
Technology Infrastructure manages the overall technology infrastructure including:
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Servers
  • Network
  • Data center, systems software, middleware
  • Email
  • Desktop engineering, managed desktop deployment
  • Research computing infrastructure
  • Internal IT re-engineering projects – Pinnacle
HR, Finance, and Reporting Systems develop and support administrative applications supporting Columbia University employees. Applications include: Finance – FAS, FFE, AP/CAR, CAPS, LDS, ECRT, and Procurement Document Management
  • Human Resources – PeopleSoft, interfaces to Benefits and many other applications
  • Enterprise Reporting – Data Warehouse, DARTS, and reporting tools and applications
Academic and Student Technologies supports education management/enabling platforms for faculty and students, including:
  • Overall technology platform/architecture for education, web portal structure
  • Course Management – CourseWorks, Sakai, Future
  • Other class/student tools
  • Student Information Services – student registration, info, admin
  • Student reporting & business services
  • Labs, eClassrooms – directions, strategic management (not technical implementation)
  • Library/educational resources
  • Technology enablement of research
IT Business Services
  • All Finance functions including:
    • Billings, allocations
    • Operations budget – preparation, transactions, procurement, closings
    • Capital budget – preparation, account setup, reporting
    • Funding model – revenues/central funding, cost factors
  • Interactive Services (Business Management, Design, Implementation)
  • Client Relationship Management processes, coordination, escalation
  • Communications within CUIT and with IT clients
  • Workforce planning and CUIT organization development
  • Recruiting, retention, Human Resources processes
PMO – Program Management Organization
  • Integration/coordination of project management methodologies and logistics
  • Definition/management of PMO templates, status reports, service level reporting
  • Assignment and management of CUIT project managers to projects based on priorities
Client Support Services provides a variety of solutions and services that cross all University units and clients, including:
  • Helpdesk – Triage, IT, Voice
  • Phone/desktop ordering/workflow
  • Desktop/PDA Support
  • Phone installation/field support

View the CUIT Organization Chart (pdf)

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Mon–Fri, 10am–6pm
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