SURVIVOR: Bug Reports
Submitting A Bug Report

Bug reports, including errors in documentation, are appreciated. While we will attempt to take action, due to limited staff resources no assurance of acknowledgement or investigation can be made. Please submit reports anyway.

Prior to submitting a report, please check to see if your bug has already been reported. See the lists of open or all bugs, or perform an advanced search.

Enter bug reports via the SURVIVOR Bugzilla.

Please include the following information in any bug report:

  1. The Survivor version number, as determined towards the top of the documentation index or by obtaining the value of PKGVERSION in the top-level Makefile.

  2. Operating system, including version number and patch level.

  3. Hardware (vendor, cpu type and number, physical memory).

  4. Steps for reproducing the problem.

  5. Any error messages encountered, or any unexpected output produced.

  6. Patches, if possible. Even hacks that cannot be permanently incorporated would be appreciated. Patches, if incorporated, must be made available under the same license as the SURVIVOR package.

A copy of your bug report will be posted to the SURVIVOR developers mailing list.

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$Revision: 0.7 $