Country Risk Guide Researchers Datasets

Principal Investigator(s): PRS Group

Source number:
EDS Study ID: 3743

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Study Description:

Country Risk Guide Researchers Datasets

Principal Investigator(s): PRS Group

Source: PRS Group

Citation: Country Risk Guide Researchers Dataset, [cite specific table]. PRS Group, Syracuse, New York [producer] Table [#]b downloaded Jan. 14 2014.


The datasets relating to the PRSGroup publication, International Country Risk Guide (ICGR), are referred to as the ICGR Researchers Datasets. They are described below and available in the CU data collection. The data is contained in a set of four tables:
    -Table 2B: Composite Risk Rating
    -Table 3B: Political Risk Points by Component
    -Table 4B: Financial Risk Points by Component
    -Table 5B: Economic Risk Points by Component
All tables report annual data for the time period 1984-2013.

Table 2b: Composite (Political, Financial, Economic) Risk Ratings
This is a single rating based on the more details ratings of political, economic and financial risk.

Table 3B: Components of Political Risk Data for the following indicators are reported.
   Government Stability
   Socioeconomic Conditions
   Investment Profile
   Internal Conflict
   External Conflict
   Military in Politics
   Religion in Politics
   Law and Order
   Ethnic Tensions
   Democratic Accountability
   Bureaucracy Quality.

Table 4B Components of Financial Risk
   foreign debt as a % of GDP
   exchange rate stability
   debt service as a % of exports of goods and services (XGS)
   current account as a % of exports of goods and services (XGS)
   international liquidity.

Table 5B Components of Econmic Risk
   current account as a % GDP
   budget balance
   GDP growth
   GDP per capita
   current account as a % of GDP

Availability: Note: This dataset is available only to persons affiliated with Columbia University.