Cross-National Time Series Data Archive

Principal Investigator(s): Banks, Arthur S.

Source: Databanks Intl.
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EDS Study ID: 6071

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Study Description:

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (CNTS)

Principal Investigator(s): Arthur S. Banks

Source: Databanks International, Binghamton NY

Source number:

Cite as: Banks, Arthur S., Wilson, Kenneth A. 2013. Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive. Databanks International. Jerusalem, Israel; see


Period: updated annually with coverage varying by country with the earliest being 1815.

Content type: Time series data

The Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (also referred to as CNTS) offers a comprehensive listing of international and national country data facts. It has been compiled from a large variety of reference sources starting with the Statesman Year Book and now including sources as divergent as the New York Times and the United Nations Yearbook. Topics covered are listed in below under Keywords

Starting with the 2012 release in addition to main spreadsheet, CNTSDATA.xls, an second year-specfic file, LINKS.xls, accompanies the main. The LINKS spreadsheet files contain the links to the sources for each Domestic Conflict Event, beginning with 2011 data for: General Strikes, Purges, Government Crises, Riots, Assassinations, Anti-Government Demonstrations, Guerilla Warfare and Revolutions.

This series builds on related series: CROSS POLITY TIME SERIES (ICPSR 5002) by the Center for Comparative Political Research in 1963 and the CROSS-NATIONAL TIME SERIES, 1815-1973 (ICPSR 7412) in 1976.

Keywords: Area & Population
Labor Force
Size of Military National
Government Revenue and Expenditure
School Enrollment
Domestic Conflict Event Data
International Status Indicators National
Income & Currency
Telegraph & Telephone Data
Election Data
Legislative Process
Trade Data
Energy Production And Consumption
Physician Data
Highway vehicles
Mail Flow Data
Political Variables
Industrial Production
Media (Radio, TV, Newspaper, and Books)

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