Title: US Presidential Primary Election Results for Republic Party and Democratic Party
Author: Dave Leip
RDS Study Number: 1008

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File NameFile TypeBytes
Pres_Elec_Data_2000_PrimD_v0-95.xls Excel 8.44 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2000_PrimR_v0-95.xlsExcel 8.56 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2004_PrimD_v0-95.xls Excel 7.63 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2008_PrimD_v0-9.xlsExcel 8.75 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2008_PrimR_v0-9.xls Excel 7.68 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2012_PrimR_v0-95.xlsxExcel 3.12 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2016_PrimD_v0-85.xlsx Excel 3.26 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2016_PrimR_v0-85.xlsx Excel 3.51 MB
Pres_Elec_Data_2020_PrimD_v0-9.xlsx Excel 3.91 MB