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Zip Code Business Patterns 2000


prepared by the Bureau of the Census-Washington: The Bureau [producer and
distributor], 2002

Type of File

Summary statistics.

Universe Description

The universe is all business establishments with one or more paid
employees.  Data are not included for self-employed persons, domestic
service workers, railroad employees, agriculture production workers, and
most government employees. Beginning in 1998, data are tabulated by
industry as defined in the North American Industry Classification System:
United States, 1997 (NAICS).  Data for 1997 and earlier years are based on
the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System.  For more information
on the relationship between the two systems, see the "Bridge Between NAICS
and SIC" at http://www.census.gov/epcd/ec97brdg/ (internet connection

Subject-Matter Description

This file provides data on total number of establishments and number of
establishments by employment-size classes by detailed industry.  Data on
mid-March employment, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll are
summarized by ZIP Code without industry detail. This series excludes
governmental establishments except for wholesale liquor establishments
(NAICS 4228), retail liquor stores (NAICS 44531), Federally-chartered
savings institutions (NAICS 522120), Federally-chartered credit unions
(NAICS 522130), and hospitals (NAICS 622).

Geographic Coverage

ZIP Codes within the United States.

Technical Description

File Medium:  Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM).

File Structure:  dBASE III+(TM).

File Names:

  Detail industry data -  DETL.DBF;
                          index files:  DETLAREA.NDX, DETLIND.NDX, DETLSECT.NDX
  ZIP Code totals data -  REFAREA.DBF;
                          index files:  REFAREA.NDX, REFAREAN.NDX

  ZIP Code summary data - SUMM.DBF; 
                          index files:  SUMMAREA.NDX, SUMMIND.NDX

See Record Layouts for a complete description of the data files. 

File Sort Sequence:

   Detailed industry data - DETL.DBF       By ZIP and 6-digit NAICS

   ZIP Code totals data - REFAREA.DBF      By ZIP            

   ZIP Code summary data -  SUMM.DBF       By ZIP and NAICS Industry Sector

Reference Materials

ZIP Code Business Patterns, CD-ROM Technical Documentation.  The
documentation contains this abstract, other information about the file, a
glossary, and data dictionaries.  One copy accompanies each file order. The
documentation is also available in ASCII format on the CD-ROM.  For further
ordering information, contact Administrative and Customer Services
Division, Customer Services, Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233.

Phone: (301) 763-INFO

File Availability

The CD-ROM may be ordered from Customer Services using the order form on
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Phone: (301) 763-4636

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