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General Industrial Statistics, 1967-1993


construction industry

economic activity

economic trends


industrial indicators

industrial production


international markets

manufacturing industry

mining industry


productivity levels

service industry

statistical data

United Nations

Principal Investigator(s):

United Nations Statistics Division


The data contained on this CD represents the entire dataset of General Industrial Statistics collected by the Industrial Statistics Section of the United Nations Statistics Division. It covers the period 1953-1993. The 1991 edition of the Industrial Statistics Yearbook, Volume I: General Industrial Statistics, was the last published, using the data included on the CD. A hard copy of that Yearbook (sales No. E.93.XVII.7) can be ordered through the United Nations Publications Department: As of 1993, the collection of General Industrial Statistics in value terms has been discontinued by the Industrial Statistics Section of the United Nations Statistics Division, and some of the collection activities have been taken over by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The data presented was derived from replies from yearly questionnaires distributed to countries' statistical offices. The index numbers of industrial production were obtained from replies to quarterly questionnaires. The data shown have been compiled bearing in mind the requirements of international comparability and the standards for this work promulgated by the United Nations. The concepts and definitions of the items of data are drawn from the International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics (statistical papers, Series M, No.48/Rev.1) and the classification by industry from the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC), (statistical papers, Series M, No.4/Rev.2).



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