Title: Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) - El Salvador

Principal Investigator: The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), Vanderbilt University

RDS Study Number: 1294-ES

Source: The AmericasBarometer by the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), www.LapopSurveys.org.

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File NameFile Type Size
El Salvador 1991 CA Mass.dta Stata format data 224 kb
El Salvador 1991 CA Mass.sav SPSS format data 219 kb
El Salvador 1991 Elite.dta Stata format data 34 kb
El Salvador 1991 Elite.sav SPSS format data 27 kb
El Salvador 1991 Mass.dta Stata format data 142 kb
El Salvador 1991 Mass.sav SPSS format data 183 kb
El Salvador 1993.dta Stata format data 924 kb
El Salvador 1993.sav SPSS format data 566 kb
El Salvador 1995.dta Stata format data 316 kb
El Salvador 1995.sav SPSS format data 315 kb
El Salvador 1999 Decentralization.dta Stata format data 251 kb
El Salvador 1999 Decentralization.sav SPSS format data 251 kb
El Salvador 1999 National.dta Stata format data 752 kb
El Salvador 1999 National.sav SPSS format data 765 kb