Title: Current Population Survey (CPS) Match File, All Files, Selected Years
Author: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
RDS Study Number: 1527-ALL

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File NameFile TypeBytes
cps-css00.dtaStata data file160,163,421
cps-css00.sas7bdatSAS dataset397,185,024
cps-css00.savSpss system file154,201,039
cps-css06.dtaStata data file131,440,646
cps-css06.sas7bdatSAS dataset331,596,800
cps-css06.savSpss system file124,881,672
cps-css98.dtaStata data file106,779,763
cps-css98.savSpss system file117,763,784
cpsapr02.dtaStata data file275,478,174
cpsapr02.sas7bdatSAS dataset689,655,296
cpsapr02.savSpss system file261,505,604
cpsapr04.dtaStata data file128,864,302
cpsapr04.sas7bdatSAS dataset326,964,224
cpsapr04.savSpss system file120,875,176