Census Tract-Level Data, 1960: New York Extracts 

Author:  United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census
ICPSR Study Number:  7552
EDS Study Number:    A1 1960-TRK

in data subdirectory:

1 record/case, lrecl=10,800:

Note:  The original data has 6 records/case.  This was reformated to
       1 record/case with the program in the /programs subdirectory
       the the files renamed with their state name.

                          bytes      records
   newyork.sav         7,662,832      3,536    New York State
   bronx.sav             820,176        374    Bronx county
   kings.sav           1,724,088        817    Kings (Brooklyn) county
   manhattan.sav         783,096        279    New York (Manhattan) county
   newyorkcity.sav     4,689,800      2,238    All 5 NY City boroughts
   queens.sav          1,333,648        680    Queens conty
   richmond.sav          197,040         88    Richmond (Staten Island) county

6 records/case, lrecl=1,800.

Note:  The numbers in the files names don't seem to match any known
       state numbering scheme.  The first digit is "geographic division"
       and the second digit is "state within the division".

in doc subdirectory:

   census60.pdf   Codebook in PDF format  (really awful)

in program subdirectory:

   get-tract.sps  Example of choosing tracts in Manhattan       Program used to join 6 record/case data into 1 record/case
   census60.sps   Sample Spss program to read data (written by hand)