1970 Census of Poplation and Housing:  Summary Statistics File 4A - Population
(Fourth Count)

Author:  U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
ICPSR Study Number:  9014
EDS Study Number:    A1 1970-4AP

in data subdirectory:


  stf4a-70p-ny-new.dat    158,960,357  reformated file 17,933 records***
                                          record type 1 has  3,921 records
                                          record type 2 has  3,917 records
                                          record type 3 has  2,931 records
                                          record type 4 has  3,232 records
                                          record type 5 has  3,932 records
  stf4a-70p-ny-new.dta     35,927,412  Stata dataset **
  stf4a-70p-ny-new.sav     37,938,764  Spss dataset
  stf4a-70p-ny.dat.gz      16,344,306  original file from ICPSR *
                          158,930,629  unzipped
                                         77,869 physical records  
                                         17,933 logical records

* Note:  This file has a lrecl of 2040 but the first 4 record are broken
         into five sections.  Record 5 is broken into 2 section.  These
         sections are assembled into continuous records in file 

** Created from Spss dataset with stat-transfer, optimized.  Stata/SE format.
*** NOTE:  case  number added in columns 1-5.

in doc subdirectory:

    how-to-preprocess.ascii  The raw data from ICPSR needs pre-processing.
                             Here's what to do.
    stf4a-70p-datalist.cbk   Spss Display Dictionary Ouput
    stf4a-70p-dd.cbk         Data Layout for stf4a-p-ny-new.dat
    stf4a-70p-p.pdf          Documentation in PDF format  (EDS has a better 
                             version on paper)

in program subdirectory:                Program to join population physical records into
                           continuous logical records.  They came broken into
                           five parts for records 1-4 and two parts for 
                           record 5.  A case id is added in columns 1-5
                           so Spss can use FILE TYPE GROUPED.

    stf4a-70p.sps          Spss program to read all data