Immigrants Admitted to the United States

Author: U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

RDS Study Number: 3035-02

in data subdirectory:

imm02.dat.gz 8.43MB raw data 1,063,677 cases lrecl=82
imm02.dat 84.1MB raw data ***
imm02.dta 78.1MB Stata dataset**
imm02.sav 115MB Spss dataset*

* created with program
** created from Spss dataset with stat/transfer, optimized
*** unzipped from imm02.dat.gz

in doc subdirectory:

class-of-admission02.xls Excel file of codes, with descriptions and statute reference from CD
nonadmit-codes02.cbk Non-Immigrant Class of Admission Codes - 2002
public-use.ascii Notice from CD

in program subdirectory:

imm02.sps Program written by hand
imm02-co.sps Value labels for country variables