Holdings Information for: RDS Study 3353-CUR

New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey, 2002






Staten Island

Principal Investigator(s):

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development



Provides data on the characteristics of housing units and their occupants. Statistics are available on household income, poverty income levels, monthly rent, monthly mortgage payments, utility costs, routine maintenance fees, and real estate taxes. Data are shown for labor force characteristics for all household members 15 years and over. Data are also presented on the condition of the building, the occupancy status of the unit, the year the building was built, whether the unit is owner or renter occupied, and the condominium or cooperative status of the building. Additional data focus on number of stories, units, and rooms in the unit; the type of heating fuel; the existence of cracks or holes in walls or floors; and the occurrences of heating equipment break downs. Data for vacant units include data on the number of stories and rooms, the presence of an elevator, and the principal type of heating fuel. In addition, data are presented on the duration of vacancy, the occupancy status before vacancy, whether the unit is available for rent or sale, the reason the unit is not available for sale or for rent, and if for rent the monthly asking rent.

Availability Restrictions: none.

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