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At a time of crisis and confusion in East - West relations, Dr. James J.
Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, has just completed a new
book: "What Arabs Think: Values, Beliefs and Concerns."

What Arabs Think takes the first-ever probing look at Arab beliefs.
Analyzing the views of 3,800 Arab adults from eight countries (Egypt,
Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel), "What
Arabs Think" takes the first-ever probing look at Arab beliefs.

In the just released book, Arabs answer numerous probing questions such as
"What matters most in life?", "What values do you teach your children?",
"How do you define yourself?" and "What do you think about your own
nation?"  the wide-ranging benchmark study was designed push the envelope
further than any previous regional study, and provide a rare but acutely
accurate reflection of the attitudes and values of Arabs.

What Arabs Think chapter highlights:
  -What matters most in life to Arabs?
  -What values do Arabs teach their children?
  -What is the mood and outlook of Arabs today?
  -What are the most important political issues to Arabs?
  -How do Arabs define themselves?
  -How do they view the world?
  -What do Arabs think about their own nations?
  -What do Arabs believe the United States should do?