United States Presidential Election Results 1972

Principal Investigator(s): David Leip

Source: David Leip
Source number:
RDS Study ID: 4085-1972

Availability: Access to files in the Research Data Services collection is restricted to Columbia University.

voter turnout
presidential election
election results
election returns
election 1972

This data is in a single file.

  • Candidates
    - candidate names and party ballot listing per state
  • National Summary
    - summarizes vote totals by state for each candidate
    - with boundary file information
  • Data by County
    - data for all counties of all states plus DC
    - with boundary file information
  • Data by Town
    - data for New England towns (ME, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH)
    - with boundary file information
  • Party
    - data sorted by strength at the state level for the major parties.
  • Statistics
    - page of statistics includes closest states, max, min, counties, etc.
  • Voter Turnout
    - voting age population data and voter turnout by state.
Data are summarized on the Atlas of the American President website.

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