United States Presidential State-Level, All-Time Vote Data

Version 1.3 downloaded April 4, 2017; All elections from 1824 to 2012
Version 1.4 downloaded March 15, 2024; All elections from 1824 to 2020

Author:  Dave Leip
RDS Study Number:  4085-M

in data subdirectory:

  Pres_Election_StateLevelData_v1-3.xlsx  Excel spreadsheet as recieved
             -Multiple worksheets
             -cells values may contain formula rather than values
             -rows individual worksheets may contain subtotals of other rows

All-Time Spreadsheets
The spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel format (Mac/PC) and are compatible with the '97, '98, '00, '01 versions. The following worksheets are included in each file:
Data by State for all candidates on at least one ballot

in doc subdirectory:
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