United States Presidential Presidential Results, 1912 - forward

Author:  Dave Leip

RDS Study Number:  4085 

Updated June 8, 2022

in data subdirectory:
Pres_Election_Data Excel spreadsheet as recieved
  -Multiple worksheets
  -cells values may contain formula rather than values
  -rows individual worksheets may contain subtotals of other rows
  -worksheets inlcude:
    -Candidates - candidate names and party ballot listing per state
    -National Summary - summarizes vote totals by state for each candidate with boundary file information
    -Data by County - data for all counties of all states plus DC with boundary file information
    -Data by Town - data for New England towns (ME, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH) with boundary file information
    -Graphs - pie charts for each state and national total.
    -Party - data sorted by strength at the state level for the major parties.
    -Statistics - page of statistics includes closest states, max, min, counties, etc.
    -Voter Turnout - voting age population data and voter turnout by state
    -Data Sources - a list of data sources used to compile the spreadsheet.

statesheet  csv file as received

countysheet csv file as received
  -rows are counties, parishs (county equivalents) and some cities
  -columns are total vote counts for each person on the ballot 

Three Excel files for precinct level election data 2020 in NY, MN and AZ.

in doc subdirectory:
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in program subdirectory:
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