From: High Commissioner on National Minorities
To: "'[email protected]'"
Subject: Orbis latinus
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:25:11 +0200
Organization: OSCE

In response to your ORBIS LATINUS Project I would like to add the following:

Lugdunum Batavorum has been identified as the current village of Katwijk. Extensive archeological investigations during the eighties have revealed that a Roman settlement is placed on the coastline. This would confirm the many sightings during earlier centuries of a Roman structure on the beach (possibly a fortress, known in the local history as the Fort of the Britons) which is now a hundred meters into the sea. Local finds have confirmed that the settlement was inhabited at least until 100 A.D. and at the highpoint contained 400 families.

Further "evidence" can be found through the Tabula Peutingeria which puts Lugdunum west of Pretoria Agrippinae (today identified as the village of Valkenburg in South Holland, near Leiden) Excavations there have uncovered remains of military type structures. Leiden is east of Valkenburg, Katwijk is west. Furthermore, throughout the history of Leiden excavations have never brought any Roman, or Latin remains forward. This while Roman finds were plentiful in the Katwijk seastrip (dunes and beach) and in Valkenburg village and other Roman settlements in the area. A link between these two which might suggest a direct connection, being part of the same city or village is not possible as the sites are 2 to 2.5 kilometers apart.

Between Katwijk and Valkenburg a remainder of a Roman "highway" has been found and a copy is restored in the current landscape. The direction in which it points suggest a link between Roman Katwijk and Valkenburg

Hoping you will find this of interest, Yours sincerely, Rene Bekker