Many thanks to Barry E. Hinman, Special Collections Librarian for Cataloging at the Green Library, Stanford University, for sending the following note:
I just had occasion to look up Mutinae in your Graesse and I found that instead of Modena for Mutina it gave Mutzschen in Saxony. Something is wrong here, but I don't know what--i.e., two places conflated, an entry omitted, etc. You can check out the RBMS site to see that it really is Modena.

From the 1972 edition of the Orbis Latinus, vol. II, p. 645:
Mutina, Modina, Modinensis, Modona, Motina, Motinensis, Mutena, Mutinensis, Mutinum:
Modena, Pr.-Hst. in Emilia-Romagna, Italien.