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Title: Chronicon episcoporum Finlandensium [a machine-readable transcription]
Author: Anonymous
Extent: ca. 15 kb.
Publisher: Electronic Text Service,
Columbia University,
New York.
ID: Helena

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Title: Sources of Medieval Swedish Church History

Title: Scriptores rerum suecicarum, vol. 3:2
pp. 132-135
Author: Annerstedt, Claes
Publisher: Edvardus Berling,
Title: Scriptores rerum suecicarum

Revision History:
July 1996
Name: Anders Winroth
ETS staff
  • text scanned and corrected; HTML markup added; second alphabetical series of notes changed to double letters; typographical convention in the text looking like a backward c followed by a colon (introducting the editor's suggested emendations) changed to "sc." (=scilicet).