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Instructions and Guidelines
  1. Applications are due on May 1st for the Fall term and November 1st for the Spring term. The application must be submitted two weeks prior to the date of the first meeting for any class that does not meet the whole term or begin on the first day of classes.
  2. You will receive confirmation of a room assignment or terms for special cases based on your application.
  3. Please be aware that there is no technical support after 6:30pm M-TH and 5pm on Friday.
  4. Once you've received a room assignment from the registrar you must schedule a training session by filling out the training request form.
  5. Software installations must be requested at least two weeks in advance. Call 212-854-3633 or send email to to arrange the installation.
  6. Cancellations: Please call the scheduling department at 212-854-3240.
Terms for Events and Event Changes
  1. Erooms are for academic purposes only!
  2. Some Erooms are available for student groups. Please visit the University Events Management office in 712 Lerner Hall for alternate locations not supported by CUIT.
  3. Erooms are not to be used on weekends unless approved by CUIT Electronic Classrooms. Technical assistance is available at $150/hr per technician (four-hour minimum). Technical assistance for an event requires two weeks notice.
  4. Events will not begin before 9am and must end by 6pm on weekend days.
  5. 252 Engineering, and 558 Schermerhorn are not available for use on the weekend.
  6. Events must be requested via web-application no later than 2 weeks before the date of the event.
  7. Additional classroom requirements (i.e. custodial/coat check services, movement of furniture, setting up event reception/breakout spaces, furniture rentals (tables, chairs), electrical support (not CUIT), podiums, rope and/or sign stanchions) should be directed to the Office of Special Events and Commercial Filming, Facilities Management at 212-854-8607.
  8. Electronic classrooms are for academic purposes only, no exceptions.

Fields in red are required.

Course/Section #: Instructor:
Term/Year offered: Requestor:
Course/Session Title: Requestor's Phone:
Class Size: Requestor's Email:

Day and Time:
Regular Meeting Place Individual Session
If you specified Regular Meeting Place, please complete the information below


Begin Time:

End Time:
If you specified Individual Session, please complete the information below

Month: Day:

Begin Time:

End Time:
Room Preference:**
2nd choice room:**
3rd choice room:**
Use of technology: Every session Every other Infrequently
Has the instructor been trained on how to use the equipment in an CUIT Eroom?: Yes No Don't know

** Note that 558 Schermerhorn requires swipe access. For classes outside normal hours of operation, please email to arrange for access if you don't already have it. 558 Schermerhorn is open M-F 9am-5pm.

If you have technology needs, you must be trained on how to use the equipment. Fill out the training request form to schedule an appointment. Please make sure you are trained at least 24 hours prior to the start of your class/event so that you will be able to access the equipment. Do not expect access to the equipment at the start of your class/event without receiving a training session.

Technology Needs

Use the locations page to verify that the technology you want is available in the room you request. Also note that rooms equipped with microphones require a key, which can be picked up at the CUIT Service Desk in 202 Philosophy Hall.

Video Sources: VCR (NTSC) VCR (PAL/SECAM) DVD Document Camera
Projector Type: LCD Projector Slide Projector No projection
Computer: Macintosh PC/Windows
  Collaborative Classroom (student computers)
Non-standard software requires TWO WEEKS lead-time.
Describe use of technology:
Comments or suggestions:
If you plan on using electronic equipment and have not been trained or need a key to access the equipment, please fill out the training request form after submitting your reservation.