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  1. Training Requests must be submitted at least two days in advance.
  2. You will receive an email shortly after submitting this application with a list of times to be trained based on your availability.
  3. Please be aware that there is no technical support after 6pm. After the training, make sure you are comfortable using the equipment in the classroom.
  4. At the training, you will sign for a key to the podium and receive Electronic Classroom guidelines, which include instructions on how and where to return a key.
  5. If you are scheduled for a training and no one is in the room at the scheduled time to train you, please call 4-3633 immediately.
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Requestor Information

Requestor's Phone:
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Day and Time of first class/session
you wish to use the technology:

Room you wish to be trained in:

Technology Use

(Using the table of room locations, please verify that technology requested is available in the room you have scheduled.)

Video Sources: VCR (NTSC) VCR (PAL/SECAM) DVD Document Camera
Projector Type: LCD Projector Slide Projector No projection
Computer: Macintosh PC/Windows
  Collaborative Classroom (student computers)
Please give a list of days/times you are available to meet in the classroom for a training. Be as specific as possible: