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Electronic Classroom Tutorials

Welcome to the CUIT eClassroom Online Tutorials. We've designed these tutorials to help faculty and staff get acquainted with the eClassroom Interactive Touch Panel System.

Although you will be using your mouse to navigate through these tutorials, once you are physically in the classroom or conference room, you will interact with the touch panel using your finger.

Standard Classroom and Conference Room Tutorial
Most CUIT eClassrooms
All Studebaker conference rooms

TPS4000 Classroom Tutorial
203 Butler
209/309 Havemeyer
833 Mudd
301 Pupin
501/614 Schermerhorn
Davis Auditorium

Other Classrooms
For training on Altschul Auditorium (417 IAB), please click here to schedule an on-site training session, or send an email to

eClassroom Support
Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

Phone: 212-854-3633
Pager: (24x7 Emergency Support)