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New CUIT Printing Features, beginning March 20, 2006:
  1. Lab Computers Default to Double-sided Printing
    It will be easier than ever to conserve paper when printing from computers in the labs. Jobs that you send to a NINJa-enabled printer from any CUIT Windows or Macintosh station will default to print double-sided.

    How to switch to single-sided on a CUIT lab station:
    • Windows: in the "Print" dialog window, select "printername-singlesided" (e.g. butler213a-singlesided) from the "Name:" drop-down list. Then click "OK".
    • Macintosh: in the "Print" dialog window, select your choice of "Single Sided" from the "Presets:" drop-down list. Then click "Print".
  2. All Undergraduates Have 100 More Printing Pages.
    All undergraduates now have 100 extra pages for printing each semester, thanks to requests by the Columbia College and Engineering student councils. In any week, once the regular 100-page quota is used up, any additional pages printed will be deducted from the printing reserve. As always, students can check how many pages they have remaining via here.