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CUIT participates in various aspects of the Internet2 initiative, including IP multicast, IPv6, IP telephony, and IP videoconferencing. Please view our Internet2 project page for more details.

NetFlow Analysis

We collect and analyze our in- and out-bound Internet traffic. To gain greater configurability and performance, we wrote graph generator and flow collection modules, called CUFlow See a sample screenshot.

To deal with the problems of abuse of Peer-to-Peer file sharing programs without unduly invading our users privacy, we implemented an automatic rate-limiting system for users based on a usage quota. The FlowMonitor package (a flowscan module) is available for download.

Vanity Domain Registration and Hosting

Information on how you can acquire a vanity domain for your University-related project (e.g. is posted on the Columbia University Policy page.

Network Middleware

CUIT is active in middleware software development, primarily used for authentication and authorization of access to digital resources.

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