[Photo of Pinchas Zukerman]
photo: Andrew Lepley

Manhattan School of Music
in cooperation with
Canada's National Arts Centre and the National Research Council of Canada
Teachers College, Columbia University
Distance Learning in the Arts:
An International Broadband Videoconference
Chamber Music Master Class Demonstration & Discussion

Maestro Pinchas Zukerman

part of Critical Issues in Arts and Technology for Arts Managers
2:00 - 3:30 P.M. Eastern Time 13 June, 2002

Introductory Remarks
Teaching Demonstration
Question and Answer Session

Please email your questions to zukermaninteractive@tc.columbia.edu prior to, during, or after the demonstration (until July 1). Questions will be selected and responded to live.

Realtime high fidelity MPEG-2 interaction between New York and Ottawa will use Star Valley Solutions, Inc. equipment.

You missed the live event, but here's the Realvideo archive.

View the MPEG-2 rendering on demand with IPTV Viewer (plus the require MPEG-2 codec plug in).

This event was webcast live in several formats:

  1. Real Video (modem and cable/DSL speeds)
  2. MPEG-1 Multicast (1.5 Mbps; using a Vbrick 1200 encoder)
  3. MPEG-2 Multicast (6 Mbps) (using Cisco IPTV server)
Only viewers of the MPEG-2 multicast saw and heard the same level of detail experienced by the direct participants.
Download the free Real Player here. Test realplayer here.

Download the free Quicktime Player here. Test Quicktime player here.

Download free IPTV and compatbile players for Unix and Macintosh from the University of Oregon Video Lab. The MPEG-2 multicast requires MPEG-2 decoding software which may have come with your DVD drive. Test IPTV MPEG-1 and IPTV MPEG-2 .

You must be on a high-bandwidth multicast enabled network to view the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams.