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Dial-Up Service

Networking > Dial-Up Service

Dial-up access is available to all Columbia faculty, students and staff through the CUIT Modem Pool. This is a free service, but you are responsible for any phone charges incurred when your computer calls our modem pool.

If you will be traveling and need to dialup from outside New York City, CUIT offers a national 1-800 dial-up service which will charge your account a set amount per minute.

Getting Connected

The CUIT Dial-Up Modem Pool offers Columbia University affiliates the opportunity to connect to the campus network from a remote location using a modem and a phone line. The modem pool offers both terminal emulation service and Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)/Point to Point Protocol (PPP) access. SLIP/PPP support allows users to run Web browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Access to the modem pool is provided via several phone numbers. When calling the modem pool, please follow the connection guides provided below.

Getting Help

Support for dial-up connections is provided by CUIT Client Services. Please visit our online support center for more information.

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