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CUIT is happy to assist you with connecting your iPad to the Columbia wireless network, and with Exchange email settings for the iPad. We do not support data plan issues or the iPad itself. Please contact ATT with any problems you experience with the cellular data service. Contact Apple with any iPad hardware or software errors.

Setting Up your iPad to Connect to the Columbia Wireless Network

  1. Go to a location on campus where wireless networking is available. Check our coverage map for details.

  2. To connect to the Columbia wireless network, touch the Settings icon, then choose Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

  3. In order to obtain a secure wireless connection through Columbia U Secure , please use these online instructions.

    If you choose not to use a secure wireless connection, you should see Columbia University listed in the choice of networks. Touch that option to connect to the Columbia wireless network.

  4. We suggest that you turn on the feature which will ask you whether to join a new network or not.

  5. Once you have chosen the Columbia wireless network, you will see a check mark. Touch the iPad side button to return to the main page.

Email and Calendar on Exchange

  1. To view your Exchange email, touch the Settings icon, then choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  2. Touch Add Account, then choose Microsoft Exchange.

  3. Type in your Exchange email address, user name and password.

  4. Type in the server name, Then touch Next.

  5. The Mail, Contacts and Calendars should all be marked on. Touch Save.

Activating a Cellular Data Account on the iPad WiFi+3G

    With an iPad WiFi+3G, you can sign up for a monthly data subscription service through AT&T. It is a month-to-month agreement, and can be canceled and reactivated whenever you wish. Once it is set up:

  1. Touch the Settings icon, then choose Cellular Data, then View Account.

  2. The Account Management window will open. Enter in User and Login Information include your full name, email address and the password you wish to use for this service.

  3. Select one of the two data plans indicated.

    a. 200MB/month at $15/month - Data Plus
    b. 2GB/month at $25/month - Data Pro

    Note: an unlimited data plan at $30/month exists for iPads purchased before June 7th, 2010. It is not available to subsequent iPads.

  4. Fill out the requested Payment and Billing Information section, using the credit/debit card to be used to pay for your monthly data service.

  5. The Mail, Contacts and Calendars should all be marked on. Touch Save.