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Note: You are not required to register your computer's Ethernet address in order to get a connection to the Internet on the Morningside Campus. However, you can use this page to register for a hostname if you require a static address for a server.

Register Your Computer (Select One Option):

Note: You will need your computer's MAC address to register. If you are currently connected to the network on the Morningside Campus, you can find your MAC address here.

Morningside Campus CUMC
Students All Others Residence Network All Others
Morningside ResNet
New Registration ResNet
IP Admin
Delete Registration
Modify Registration

People on the Morningside Campus may also e-mail a text version of the form to instead. Before you submit your form, be sure you do the following:
  • Fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible.
  • For special requests (i.e., bulk registration), contact, and include a description of the request in the Comments section.
  • Include your e-mail address (all correspondence you receive will be via e-mail).
Once you submit your completed form, we will notify you via email upon completion. We will also notify you via e-mail if there are any errors or questions regarding your request.

There is a 3 business day turnaround time for all requests. Errors in your requests will increase processing time and delay completion.

Domains and Hosting Options

If you are requesting a new domain, please review Columbia's Domain Name Policy.

If you are registering a host for use as a web server, please consider using CUIT's official Hosting Services as an alternative.

Getting Help

You can get additional help by sending e-mail to