Columbia Earthscape
Columbia Earthscape provides access to cutting-edge, interdisciplinary, carefully selected, and easily searchable research, educational resources, and analysis in the rapidly emerging fields of the Earth sciences and environmental studies.
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) was conceived as a response to two on-going issues in scholarly publication in the field of international affairs
Columbia Technology for Electronic Publishing
Technologies for digital asset and rights management, workflow management, institutional repositories, and electronic publishing.
Digital Anthropology Resources for Teaching aims to explore the potential of digital resources for the teaching of undergraduate anthropology. The...
EPIC Online Use and Cost Evaluation
A study to determine the success of EPIC's publications, including their effect on the scholarly communications process as well as financial models for their sustainability.
Gutenberg <e>
The Gutenberg-e project is a collaborative effort among several institutions with commitments to exploring and promoting the electronic publication of scholarly writing in the field of history.
National Sciences Digital Library
A web-based inter-institutional access management system.
Subscriber Management
Ongoing management of registrations and user support for individuals and institutions who subscribe to DKV knowledge centers.
Universal Registration System
A centralized, flexible system for all CU knowledge centers (CIAO, Earthscape, CAHO, etc.).
Standardized, central, and secure authentication for Web applications.
Web Application Server Systems
Programming environments for R+D, DKV, and CCNMTL.
Web Usage Reporting
The creation of reports on usage of Columbia Interactive and other knowledge centers for both DKV and EPIC.