Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) was conceived as a response to two on-going issues in scholarly publication in the field of international affairs. First, that rising costs often prevented the timely publication and adequate distribution of materials (e.g., conference proceedings centering around a particular issue might not be available until six months after the conference, by which time changes in current events might have changed the relevance of the papers), and second, that the diffuse nature of so many organizations producing publications on international affairs made any attempt to get a wide perspective on a given issue, or to generate ongoing dialogue, difficult.

CIAO was designed to be a clearinghouse of all kinds of international affairs materials working papers, conference proceedings, full-text monographs, journals, policy briefs, etc. a single source offering a critical mass of information that would support a wide range of researchers, as well as the most recent writings on current events that would support an ongoing dialogue of scholars. Since its launch, CIAO has been in a continual process of development and upgrade, adding new sections of maps, or of teaching materials, refining the search capacity for accuracy and granularity, and improving site navigation and design.

CIAO has become the most comprehensive online source for theory, research, and teaching resources in international affairs, with more than 195,000 pages of working papers, policy briefs, books, journals, conference proceedings, and other materials (more than 3,500 pages added monthly); case studies of pivotal episodes and developments, containing historical background and competing theories; course packs of ready-made selections for quick study of the important concepts and developments; special sections for coverage of current issues.


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“A best reference / database & disks.” -- Library Journal

“An amazing resource . . . the perfect ‘virtual textbook’ to help my students to understand global issues.” -- Jim Masker, Cate School

“Very useful for Model UN and global issues class.” -- Timothy Wallace, Marian High School

“Exceptional.” -- Voice of Youth Advocates

“Highly recommended.” -- LPSS News of the Law and Political Science Section of ACRL

“So rich in content and so well suited to the needs of serious researchers that we recommend it without hesitation. It’s a bargain for high schools . . . academic libraries that omit this resource do their political science departments and area studies programs a serious disservice.” -- netconnect supplement to Library Journal