Subscriber Management


At present, DKV has three websites: CI, CAHO, and CERO. The contents of these sites are available to registered users and academic institutions. Some of the resources, such as the e-seminars, includes multimedia and interactivity, which people often need help accessing or troubleshooting. We need to control and keep track of all registrations to these sites and provide technical assistance to the individuals and groups who need it.


We are managing user and institution registrations for CAHO and CERO using the Universal Registration System. We have a legacy system for CI at present, but we will ultimately transition to the new system. To assist users, we have three email addresses:,, and These are all aliases for a central, shared help mailbox. We are able to provide answers to users within 48 hours, and often within 1-2 hours. For our growing institutional subscriber program, we are sharing data with the marketing and sales team and helping them sign up and manage their prospective customers.


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