Stephen McGrath

Stephen is one of the maintainers for the WIND central authentication system. He adds services to the system and helps to plan and implement new features when they are requested. His other responsibilities include configuration of the Tomcat servlet container and the Cocoon web publishing system.

Both his undergraduate and graduate education were at Columbia University: he received a BA in physics from the College and earned a master's in computer science from the School of Engineering. He worked as a researcher on a particle physics experiment after graduation where he programmed simulations of particle collisions and wrote software to test the electronics of the detectors.

In graduate school, his areas of research included cryptography, machine learning, and database systems. His interest in secure communication led him to join R+D at AcIS, where he has worked on a number of projects including a GnuPG-compliant keyserver, XML web publishing, and the web authentication program.

Although he has worked for R+D since 1999, his connection with AcIS dates back to 1996, when he started as a lab consultant. He has been working for AcIS full-time since 2002.

Stephen McGrath's projects:

Web App Systems