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E-mail & Computing
Windows Update Information

Windows Update Information

Windows Update is a program used to update the Windows operating system.

If you do not install the critical Windows Update files immediately after they are released, your computer will be compromised by a worm that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows. The easiest way to make sure you do all the necessary updates is to set your computer to download the updates automatically.

Instructions for setting Windows Update to download updates automatically

Automatic Updates for Windows XP with Service Pack 2

Automatic Updates for earlier versions of Windows XP

Automatic Updates for Windows 2000

Automatic Updates for Windows ME

You must run Updates even if you do not engage in risky internet activities. This applies to each and every user of any Microsoft Windows Operating System. Microsoft will identify security holes and hackers will use those announced holes to get into your system if you have not used Windows Update.

You will get infected if you neglect to update your operating system when the updates become available. You must do this when the updates become available. No t when it's convenient, but when they become available.

Extremely Detailed Instructions on Using Windows Update for...

Note: Viewing PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Operating System Updates

To reach this page quickly in the future, use the keyword winupdate.

Reporting Security Problems

Send reports of security incidents, attacks, or questions to