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E-mail & Computing
Electronic Security at Columbia

Resources for System Administrators

CUIT Security recommends that campus system administrators use the resources described on this page in the setup and administration of servers.

Server Setup and Maintenance at Columbia

This paper describes recommended practices in creating and/or maintaining a server securely and details resources available for admins.

Secure Resources for Sysadmins - Login Required

Secure resources for system administrators at Columbia, including disk cleaning software (DBAN) and information regarding captured machines, bandwidth quotas, and incident reporting. If you are a system administrator responsible for a University department's machines but are unable to login, send a message to

IT Policies apply to all individuals who access or control Columbia University information resources.

Reporting Security Problems

Send reports of security incidents, attacks, or questions to

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Symantec Security Response
Windows Update

Policy Library
CUMC IT Security
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Sysadmin's Guide


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