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  • Q. How long does it take to do my first backup?

    A. Your first backup could take overnite to complete. Exactly how long will be determined by the type of computer (memory and processor) you are backing up and your network connection. If you have several machines you are backing up, this may also contribute to longer initial backup times. With Connected, all data processing (identifying files to be backed up based on date, size, archive bit) takes place on the PC itself, and not on the Connected server. Subsequently, the speed of your first backup will be determined in large part by your PC. Your first backup should be done overnite, to ensure all files get backed up with as little interruption to your work as possible. Subsequent backups, if done regularly, will take only 10-15 minutes.

  • Q. What if I forget to do a backup regularly?

    A. Connected should be configured to do backups on a regular schedule for you. If you want to confirm your backup is proceeding, you can visit your Log after starting up Connected DataProtected.

  • Q. Is my data secure ? Can anybody see my data once it's backed up?

    A. Your data is secure. It is sent, and stored, compressed and encrypted. Only your account can access your data on the Data Center server. In addition to an encryption key, you should add an Account Password to your backup to establish even more protection.

  • Q. I have a virus on my computer. How do I know I'm getting a clean backup?

    A. You would restore your best estimate - and then run a virus check immediately upon completing the restore using the latest definitions. Make sure you do not open or execute any files. Viruses cannot be transmitted from one user to another in the Data Center. This is because your data (and everybody else's data) is encrypted and compressed in 5mb data blocks. User data cannot be executed at all within the data center.

  • Q. What's the difference between Heal and Retrieve?

    A. You use Retrieve to restore several files, a folder, all data files, or just one file. Heal is used to recover your hard drive from a catastrophic failure putting together your applications and operating system to the state it was at the time of the restore.

  • Q. I don't see a Heal Wizard tab. Does that mean I can't do a Heal?

    A. If you don't see the Heal Wizard tab, it means you have not done a full backup yet on your computer. This is mandatory before a Heal can be performed.

  • Q. Connected DataProtector doesn't start. Can I re-install it?

    A. Yes. You may need to see yor departmental IT support contact for assistance with this. You'll need to restore to an existing account.

  • Q. I lost my encryption key - how do I get another one?

    A. See your department IT contact.

  • Q. Can I use my backup copy to move my whole computer to another system?

    A. Only if the second computer has idenitical hardware and the same operating systems as the original computer. To transfer just data - from one computer to another, you would use the Data Migration command line utility. You would want to get assistance with this.

  • Q. Can I restore a file and still keep a copy of my current file?

    A. Yes, you can indicate when you restore a file that you wish to save it to different directory or to change it's name.

  • Q. How long are files kept on the backup server?

    A. This might vary depending on the file, when it was deleted or when it was changed. Files deleted from your pc will be removed from the data center after 90 days. For files that have been changed in some way, the current configuration is that they are removed after 45 days or after 10 revisions. A cancelled account deletes after 1 day.

  • Q. I backed up some private files by accident. How do I delete it off the backup server?

    A. Your files are stored compressed and encrypted. CUIT staff cannot see your files. If you want the files removed from the server, you can unselect a file from the backup list. It will be removed when you do the backup.

  • Q. If some other computer is backed up and they have a virus, can they spread that virus to my files on the Connected server?

    A. No, the files on the backup server are encrypted and compressed. A virus will be dormant if it was backed up on the server. Please remember always to run Operating System Updates and keep your Virus protection software up to date with current definitions.

  • Q. My backups are scheduled to take place during off hours (when I'm out of the office). However, if my computer is not on during those hours, the program doesn't perform a backup when I restart my computer the next morning, but instead starts the backup later in the day. Why is this happening?

    A. The backup will not start when Windows starts, but will take place at a random time between the hours selected under Options -> Backup Schedule.

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