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  • You should always maintain your own backups for critical and irreplaceable data. As with any important data, CUIT recommends that any critical data be additionally backed up by you and taken to some site off campus. While we feel that our system will provide you with a very high level of reliability, there is no such thing as a foolproof computer system. Please note that there is no secondary offsite tape backup of the backup servers being done at this time. This means that in case of a catastrophic failure of both the backup server and the user machine simultaneously, it is possible that full data recovery may not be possible.

  • The default configuration for excluding files from the backup include only files that end with the extension .tmp, .bak, .gid and browser cache files. Your department can request exclusions for other files types, such as .mp3, .avi, or the \temp directory. You would need to include this information when you request service in order for your community to be properly configured.

  • The backup server, called the Data Center, may need to be taken out of service occasionally for maintenance or reconfiguration. Service subscribers will be notified in advance of any such occurrences. If DataProtector tries to back up your computer during one of these outages and is unable to contact the server, it will try again later automatically, so the integrity of your backups will not be compromised.

  • Hardware Configuration

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