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To place an order for any of the services below, you can use the online order form. You can also ask us a question about these services.
If you are interested in our mobile phone solutions, please read about CUIT's Cellular Services.

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Ordering RolmPhone Service

RolmPhones (854-XXXX)

Most Morningside locations are served by the University's own telecommunications system using RolmPhones. In addition, RolmPhone service is now available in other locations, including 1700 Broadway and the Russ Berrie Medical Center at the Medical Center campus. RolmPhones have with a variety of features that can be ordered in different configurations to suite specific needs. Single lines, multiple voice lines or data connection lines (Ethernet) are available.

Rolm@Home (851-XXXX)

Rolm@Home provides RolmPhone-like service to off-campus locations where RolmPhone service is not available. Offered through Verizon, the service is available throughout the Columbia area, from 92nd Street to 129th Street, and from Riverside Drive to Lenox Avenue. The benefits are:
  • A "virtual" Columbia extension, as if you were on campus, providing fast access to the campus at no charge.
  • Free access through the modem pool to the University-wide network. Since the phone numbers you use to call the modem pool are campus extensions, the call is free, no matter how long you stay connected.
  • Signals are less easily corrupted, so that the integrity of your data is more easily maintained. High-quality lines, suitable for high-speed modem transmissions.
  • Faster call setups. Rolm@Home digital lines are able to establish calls 40% faster than analog lines. This is also an advantage when dialing or redialing into the University network through the modem pool.
Centrex Phones (280-XXXX)

In some off-campus locations where RolmPhone service is not available, the University provides Centrex service through Verizon. Intra-campus calls are possible through the campus tie-lines (e.g., you dial the tie-line 92 and then 4-1754 to get CU telephone operators) A simple Centrex phone may meet your needs. However, if you would like to have RolmPhone-like features (PhoneMail, feature buttons, etc.), we recommend that you order Rolm@Home instead of Centrex service.

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Moves, Additions, and Changes

To move a phone to another location, to order additional phones, or to make any other changes to your phone service, fill out a University Purchase Requisition and send it to CUIT Telecommunications, Room 115 Computer Center. You can also contact us by telephone at 854-0000 for more information. Special requests must be reviewed and approved by the Design Department manager. The Design Department can assist you in designing the most appropriate RolmPhone configuration for a particular area.

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Basic PhoneMail Service

This provides a 20-message PhoneMail box, with one greeting for all callers.

Extended PhoneMail Service

This provides a larger capacity PhoneMail message box, with three greetings for callers. 1) an internal greeting for on-campus calls, 2) an external greeting for off-campus calls, and 3) an alternate greeting for temporary situations, such as vacations. Extended service also includes personal distribution lists.

Guest PhoneMail (Non-Resident or Commuter PhoneMail)

This basic service is designed for Columbians who do not have their own telephone extensions or for those who would like to have an extra PhoneMail box available to them. Callers can leave messages on an assigned PhoneMail box number. Messages can be retrieved from any touch tone phone.

PhoneMail Distribution Lists

In PhoneMail there are three ways that you can send a single message to many different people provided they are on the 854 exchange: 1) Voice Messaging, 2) Personal Distribution Lists, and 3) System Distribution Lists. More information on sending messages to multiple recipients.

PhoneMail Backup Service

We offer a backup message storage service for faculty and administrators who want to ensure that critical messages are not lost.

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Automatic Call Processing

This voice application, which can be tailored to your requirements, acknowledges incoming callers when all lines are busy. While automatically putting the calls on hold in order of their arrival, the Automatic Call Processing (ACP) feature provides a prerecorded message with the option to:
  • Continue holding for the next available line
  • Leave a message for a return call Leave a message for a return call
  • Transfer to an extension or a PhoneMail box by pressing a number on the phone keypad.

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Broadcast Messages

Broadcasts may be sent to the following audiences:
  • All students (853 extensions) at Columbia and/or Barnard
  • All faculty, staff, administrators (854 extensions) at Columbia and/or Barnard
  • Entire community (853 and 854 extensions) at Columbia and/or Barnard
On the requisition form the following information should be indicated: the date requested for the broadcast, the target audience, and a request for either CUIT to record the broadcast or for a personalized recording by the requesting area.

Either on the requisition form or attached on a separate sheet should be a typed version of the actual broadcast message. Requisitions should be submitted at least five days before the date requested for the message to be broadcast.

Both the requisition form and the attached broadcast script must be signed and approved by either a school Dean or a departmental vice president.

There is a $375 charge for each broadcast. All broadcast messages submitted with less than five days notice will be considered an expedite request and the charge will be higher. Once the requisition is processed by us, we will send you a confirmation of your request.

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Repairs or Problems

For frequently asked questions about RolmPhones, please visit the Online Support Center. You can also call the CUIT Client Service Desk at 854-1919 to report any telecommunications issues or to order new services.

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