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Cable TV

Cable TV services are now available in selected Columbia Morningside buildings, including the following student Residence Halls: Broadway, Carman, East Campus, Furnald, Hartley, Hogan, John Jay, Lenfest, McBain, River, Ruggles, Schapiro, Wallach, Watt, Wien, and Woodbridge.

Other campus cable-ready buildings are: Dodge Physical Fitness Center, Earl Hall, Hamilton, Jerome Green, Lerner, Lewisohn, Low Library, SIPA, Uris, W. C. Warren Hall, and W & J Warren Hall. On Barnard's campus are: Lehman Library and Millbank Hall.

The system can support many video options from academic or administrative departments and can deliver the information to a standard, cable-ready television in a student dorm, administrative office, or faculty classroom.

Other important advantages of video cable service are, of course, excellent reception and an extended channel lineup. Cable service provides a clear picture and access to over 70 channels. See Channel Lineup for details.


A videoconference allows faculty, students, and administrators who are geographically separated to participate in a meeting, interview, or demonstration. Many departments have made use of this service as an alternative to expensive travel costs. Videoconferencing can provide your department with a convenient and cost-effective tool that can, for example, help you decide on a product, interview a client, give a press conference, make a presentation, recruit faculty, or take a class.

Conferences are hosted in our 115 Computer Center location, but other locations can be arranged with advance notice.

To ensure compatibility, the distant location needs to have video conference equipment similar to Columbia's.