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ForewordPatricia Battin
CollectionsKenneth A. Lohf


Edited By Rudolph Ellenbogen

With Contributions by Mary B. Bowling, Stephen D. Corrsin, Bernard R. Crystal, Rudolph Ellenbogen, Kenneth A. Lohf, Paul R. Palmer, Alison M. Scott and Hugh Wilburn. Photography by Seymour Bram and Martin Messik.

1Cylinder seal
2Cuneiform tablet
5Omar Khayyam, Maqalah fi al-jabr wa-al muqabalah
6Euclid, Elementa cum commentario Campani
7Aristotle, Opera logica
8Walter Map, La Mort du Roi Artus
9Ranulph Higden, Polychronicon, cum supplemente, usuque ad annum MCCCLXXX
10Aristotle, Ethica Nicomachea, Politica, Economica
11Geoffrey Chaucer, Tractatus astrolabii
12John Gower, Confessio amantis
13Aesop, Fabulae
14Cabalistic compendium
15Bartholomaeus Anglicus, De proprietatibus rerum, or The propirtees of thinges
16Aelius Donatus, Ars minor
17Incipit liber Apocalipsis
18Canon missae
19Marco Polo, Das puch des edlñ Ritters uñ landtfarers Marcho Polo
20Antiphonarium secundum morem congregationis sanctae Justinae
21Christine De Pisan, The fayt of armes and of chyvalrye
22Horae beatae moriae
23Herodotus, Libri novem, quibus musarum indita sunt omnia
24Euclid, Geometricorum elementorum libri XV
25Homer, Ilias; Ulyssea; Batrachomyomachia; Hymni xxxii
26Geoffroy Tory, Champ Fleury
27Francisco Pizarro
28Grolier binding
29The Abridgement of the Boke of Assises
30Arthur Golding, A Morall Fabletalke
31John De Beauchesne and John Baildon, A Booke Containing Divers Sortes of Hands
32Galileo Galilei, Drawing of a compass
33William Shakespeare, Mr. William Shakespeares Comidies, Histories, & Tragedies. Published according to the True Original Copies
34Johannes Kepler, Autograph letter to Philip Mueller, 3 p.
35Vincent Wing, Harmonicon coeleste
36John Milton, Letterbook
37Mamusse Wunnetupanatawe Up-Biblium God
38Laws established by the authority of his Majesties letters patent James Duke of York
39Dionysius, of Halicarnassus, Scripta quae exstant, omnia, et historia, et rhetorica
40Isaac Newton, Commentary on Monte-Snyder's Alchemy
41Josiah Winslow, Ledger-daybook
42Japanese celestial globe
43Godfrey Kneller, Portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
44William Caslon, A Specimen
45King's College, Minute Book
46Ephrata Cloister hymn book
47Thomas Chatterton, Notebook
48Samuel Johnson, Autograph letter to William Samuel Johnson, 3 p.
49William Collins, The Poetical Works
50A Collection of Dancing Tunes, Marches & Song Tunes
51Charles Willson Peale, Miniature portrait of Alexander Hamilton
52John Jay, Diary notes
53John Jay, Diary kept during the peace negotiations
54Benjamin Franklin's composing stick
55Phillis Wheatley, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral
56John Jay, "Federalist Number 5"
57Hester Lynch Salusbury Thrale Piozzi, Diaries
58James Sharples, Portrait of John Bard
59John Jay and John Trumbull, Jay Treaty Letterbook
60George Washington, Diaries
61Robert Fulton, A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation
62Richard Brinsley Sheridan, School for Scandal
63Mikhail Lermontov, Vereshchagina albums
64Binny & Ronaldson, A Specimen of Metal Ornaments
65John Flaxman, Account book
66Francis Scott Key, Autograph letter to his father, John Ross Key, 1 p.
67Edwin James, Journal
68Washington Irving, Bracebridge Hall
69John James Audubon, The Birds of America
70Edgar Allan Poe, Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems
71Hector Berlioz, Nocturne
72James Fenimore Cooper, The Water Witch, or The Skimmer of the Seas
73Fanny Kemble, Journal
74Charlotte Saunders Cushman, Diary
75Anthony Trollope, The Macdermots of Ballycloran
76Edgar Allan Poe, "Annabel Lee"
77Edgar Allan Poe, Daguerreotype portrait
78Herman Melville, The Whale
79Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Drawing of Tennyson reading "Maud"
80Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
81John Stuart Mill, Autobiography
82Abraham Lincoln, Autograph letter to Charles King, 1 p.
83Don Carlos Buell, The Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburg Landing
84Anthony Trollope, Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
85Randolph Caldecott, Drawings for Washington Irving's Old Christmas
86Anton Bruckner, Symphonie IV, Es-dur
87Edward Alexander MacDowell, Sonata Tragica, G minor (Opus 45)
88Rudyard Kipling, Poems published in The Pall Mall Magazine
89Stephen Crane, War is Kind
90Siegfried Sassoon, Notebooks
91Alphonse Mucha, Painting for the Job poster
92Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Autograph letter to his grandfather, Warren Delano, 4 p.
93L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
94Persius and Juvenal, Saturae
95Arthur Rackham, Drawing of "Little Folks"
96Max Beerbohm, Drawing of The Fabian Society
97Harold Miller Lewis, Laboratory notebook
98Wilfred Owen, "The Blind" and "Spring Offensive"
99John Masefield, Reynard the Fox; or, The Ghost Heath Run
100Sigmund Freud, Massenpsychologie und Ich-Analyse
101Ronald Firbank, The Flower Beneath the Foot
102D. H. Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia
103Marie Sklodowska Curie, Impressions of America
104James Joyce, Ulysses
105Joseph Urban, Stage model and drawings for Norma
106Jean François Marie Arouet De Voltaire, Candide
107W. H. Auden, Poems
108Hart Crane, The Bridge
109James Joyce, Ulysses
110Evelyn Waugh, Drawings for Black Mischief
111Henri Matisse, Etched plates for the illustrations to James Joyce's Ulysses
112Rockwell Kent, Drawings for Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass
113Gertrude Stein, Picasso
114Béla Bartók, Rumanian Folk Music
115George Santayana, Persons and Places
116Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire
117Dwight David Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe
118Rockwell Kent, Painting for Palisades fabric design
119Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny
120Liber Amicorum of Congratulations and Good Will to G.M. on the Occasion of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of The Limited Editions Club
121Allen Ginsberg, Howl for Carl Solomon

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