104 James Joyce 1882-1941
Paris, Shakespeare and Company, 1922
Harry and Caresse Crosby, affluent American expatriates in France in the 1920s and publishers of The Black Sun Press, purchased this copy of Ulysses, number 32 of one hundred signed copies on Dutch handmade paper, from the Paris book dealer Gumuchian on June 16, 1928, the twenty-fourth anniversary of Bloomsday. They had heard of the author from Sylvia Beach, who operated Shakespeare and Company, but it was not until 1929 that an introduction was arranged through Eugene Jolas and Stuart Gilbert, which took place at Joyce's apartment. Joyce inscribed the Crosby's copy of Ulysses on March 26, 1929, when he came to their apartment to correct proofsheets of "The Mookse and the Gripes," a part of Tales Told of Shem and Shaun, published by The Black Sun Press. In addition to distinctive ownership markings in this copy of Ulysses, the volume is bound in full blue morocco, tooled in gilt, with the Crosby coat-of-arms on the front cover, within which is the acrostic formed of their names, Harry and Caresse; and on the inside front covers is the final Crosby leather bookplate, again with the characteristic acrostic.
Gift of John M. Crawford, Jr., in memory of Jack Harris Samuels

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