After a year in which earth scientists at Columbia and elsewhere have repeatedly dazzled the scientific community with new discoveries--from the nature of the Earth core's rotation to the possibility that living organisms from nearby Mars may have found their way here via ancient meteorites--we at 21stC would like to usher in our second year with an integrated theme issue, organized around the idea of global research. The work under way throughout the university--especially studies made possible by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's partnership with the Biosphere 2 facility in Arizona, under the leadership of Bio2's incoming executive director and president, Dr. William Harris--promises to instruct us in the interconnectedness of both the Earth's processes and humanity's research enterprise.

We hope 21stC's first special issue will help readers see how disciplines as diverse as geology, agriculture, seismology, economics, microbiology, and engineering combine to help advance our species's enduring mission: the wise stewardship of this complex, malleable, and perhaps fragile planet. --The Editors

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