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Welcome Class of 2011!

The Asian American Alliance welcomes the class of 2011 to Columbia.
Founded in the Spring of 1995, AAA represents the Asian American
community on campus and continues this tradition today. AAA is one of many
Asian interest groups on campus and acts as a primary programming body for all Asian
American events on campus. As such, AAA's goal is to form a unified Asian American
voice in all matters political, social, academic, cultural, artistic, etc. If you would like to
contribute to the Asian American community on campus, speak your mind about the
state of Asian Americans in American society, or otherwise be involved, feel free to
join our newsletter. Our newsletter is sent out every week and it details all of AAA's
upcoming events and many other events in Columbia and in New York City. Simply go
to our "join" page, fill out the form, and we will add you to our general body newsletter.
If you have any questions for AAA (for example any questions concerning what we do,
what we stand for, how to get involved, etc) or otherwise wish to contact AAA
for any reason, then please go to our "contact" page.

The Alpha Method

The Alpha Method offers free and discounted test preparation taught by
top-scoring instructors for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT, exclusively to
students associated with partnering student organizations - limited to the
first 10 students per school each month. They also offer free and
discounted test prep for the DAT, OAT and PCAT. These methods were created
by Harvard graduates and specialist in each filed of study.

You can get further details on their scholarship test prep and admissions
program for law, business, medical, and graduate schools by contacting
them at or emailing them at Make sure you identify your affiliation
with our organization.


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