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Founded in the spring of 1995, the Asian American Alliance (AAA) is a student political organization that strives to serve the Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) community at Columbia University. AAA is a collaborative organization that seeks to work with APIA and all students of color groups at Columbia to reach out to members of the university and the outside community at large. We aim to promote understanding, foster dialogue, and create a sense of awareness within Columbia University.

One of the largest organizations at Columbia University, the Asian American Alliance has over 1,200 members on its mailing list represented by all schools and disciplines of the undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and administrative population of the University as well as individuals and organizations beyond Columbia. Our board comprises of 30 students from the 4 undergraduate colleges at Columbia.

Our purpose is to educate ourselves and others, to organize, and to mobilize. We seek to cultivate a common understanding and a greater respect for the APIA community. We work with groups of all types and of all backgrounds including student of color organizations, progressive groups, student government, political organizations, community service organizations, off campus groups, student conferences, and the University administration.


AAA holds many events every year. Here are two of our largest ones.


Charity performance showcase


High school leadership conference

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