Welcome to Our Club

In light of the widespread interest and experiences in the data analytics field, we are here to help you prepare with practical skills and create chances for you to get closer to the industry you want to go for.

Guest Speakers

Listen to true stories of experts in various industries. You will be inspired by their experiences and will have a better sense of what to expect in those industries.


Develop skills to meet job requirements. A series of workshops will be organized to educate you about the basic skills required for analytics professionals.


The best way to learn things is by practicing. A project-based activity allows you to meet with other members once a week and collaborate to crack real-world problems.

Networking Events

Build networks with people in the industry by joining our fun social events. This is a great opportunity for you to meet people outside the classroom!

Tableau Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to navigate Tableau to efficiently build impactful visualizations? Brought to you by Applied Analytics Club, this workshop is geared toward Tableau beginners, designed to offer you practical skills to sort, group and slice data, as well as tips and tricks for dashboard design.

Applied Analytics Meet and Greet
September 28, 2017 4:00 PM

Join the Applied Analytics Club as students are welcomed back to Columbia for Fall 2017!

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