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SPRING 2006  
May 26, 2006
What Solution to the Institutional crisis in Europe?
SIPA Roundtable featuring Elisabeth Guigou, Former Minister for European Affairs, Justice and Labor.

May 24, 2006
Globalization, a Chance for France?
Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor of Economics at Columbia University was part of a panel at Sciences Po with Pierre Moscovici, Vice President of the European Parliament, Former Minister of European Affairs for France. The debate was moderated by Patrick Messerlin, Professor of Economics at Sciences Po. Held in Paris.
Picture©Columbia University

May 24, 2006
Conversation on Russia
Seminar with Padmai Desai (Columbia University). Organized by ROSES/EUREQA. Held in Paris.

April 26, 2006
Make Trade, Not War

Seminar with Philippe Martin (Economics, Paris I and Ecole Polytechnique). Co-sponsored by the Department of Economics.

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Picture©Universite Paris I

April 26, 2006
Art History Seminar for PhD Students
Seminar with Dominique Poulot (Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne) and Anne Higonnet (Columbia University and Barnard College) in a converation on art history.
Picture©Institut Universitaire de France

April 24- 25, 2006
Critical Reflections on the Politics of Post-Conflict: Lessons from Africa.

Two day conference featuring five main sessions:

Epistemology and politics of post-conflict

Andrew Lakoff (UCSD): Session Chair
Ron Kassimir (New School): "Post-conflict interventions as transboundary formation in Africa"
Roland Marchal (CERI-Sciences Po) :"Choosing between moral values and political realism: economic transformations throughout wartime and post-conflict reconstruction"
Pierre-Antoine Braud (ISS-EU) :"Missing instruments: enlarging conflict management approach?"
Stephen Jackson (SSRC): "War and Peace: How Helpful a category is Post-Conflict?"
Shepard Forman (NYU): Session Discussant

Keynote Address by Jean-Marie Geuhenno, Deputy Secretary General, Department of Peace Keeping Operations, United Nations

The end of violence: demilitarization and disarmament

John Tirman (MIT): Session Chair
Jocelyn Alexander (Oxford): "Demobilisation, Disarmament, Reinsertion? The unstable political life of Zimbabwe's former guerrillas"
Laetitia Bucaille (CERI- Sciences Po/University of Bordeaux): "Post-conflict societies through veterans"
Alcinda Honwana (Open University): "Demobilized Youth and post-conflict reconstruction in Mozambique and Angola"
Marielle Debos (Sciences Po): "Combatants, soldiers and road bandits : the tumultuous trajectories of armed men in Chad"
Francis James (UNDP): Session Discussant

State, rights, and citizenship: reconstructing the political

Juan Obarrio (Columbia): Session Chair
Vincent Foucher (CEAN- University of Bourdeaux): "A caseful of paradoxes. Learning from conflict and post-conflict in Casamance"
Sandrine Perrot (University of Montreal): "Post-conflict reconstruction and power rivalries in the Great Lakes region"
Mariane Ferme (Berkeley): Session Discussant

State, rights, and citizenship: reconstructing the political (Part II)

Juan Obarrio (Columbia): Session Chair
Ruth Marshall-Fratani (CEMAF-Paris I): "Making Peace Before War: The Contradictions of Post-Conflict Politics in the Côte d'Ivoire"
Richard Banegas (CEMAF-Paris I): "Building democracy after war ? Political transition, governance and citizenship in post-conflict societies (Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire)"
Fernando Chinchilla (University of Montreal): "Sustainable Peace. Power Relations and the Weakening of Extremists in the Context of Internal Armed Conflict"
John Tirman (MIT): Session Discussant

Reconciliation and transitional justice

Ruth Marshall-Fratani (CEMAF-Paris I): Session Chair
Mariane Ferme (Berkeley) : "Writing Violence in Sierra Leone : Stories from the Aftermath of Civil War"
Juan Obarrio (Columbia): "Post-conflict juridical reconstruction and transitional justice"
Anne-Maria Makhulu Boitumelo (Duke): "The Violence of Singularization: Reflections on South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission"
Jocelyn Alexander (Oxford): Session Discussant

April 20, 2006
France, Europe, and Turkey

Seminar with Riva Kastoryano (CERI-Sciences Po).
Picture©The New School

April 20, 2006
Facing Climate Change : a View from France
Seminar with Robert Kandel (Ecole Polytechnique).

April 17, 2006
Revisiting Nationalism
Book presentation with Christophe Jaffrelot (CERI - Sciences Po)

April 13, 2006
Intellectual Property and Economic Development
Seminar with Claude Henry (Ecole Polytechnique and Sciences Po), a visiting professor at SIPA, in conversation with Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia), a visiting professor at Sciences Po and Nobel Laureate in Economics.

April 12, 2006
The Future of the European Social Model
Seminar with Pierre Moscovici, Vice President of the European Parliament and Former Minister of European Affairs for France. Mr. Moscovici teaches at SIPA a course on European Political Affairs. Co-sponsored by the Maison Francaise, the European Legal Center, and the Institute for the Study of Europe.
Picture©La Provence

April 12, 2006
Religion and State Relationship in Europe: A Comparison.
Seminar with Jean Paul Willaime (Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes).
Picture©La Sorbonne

April 11, 2006
The Past and Future of the French Extremism
Seminar with Pascal Perrineau, Director of Cevipof and Professor at Sciences Po.
Picture©Le Figaro

April 11, 2006
Post Colonial France: After the Riots, a New Frenchness
Seminar with Nacira Geunif-Soulaimas (Paris XIII).

April 5, 2006
Affirmative Action Policies: A Comparative Perspective
Seminar with Daniel Sabbagh (CERI- Sciences Po) and Robert Liebermann (Columbia).

April 4, 2006.
Symposium on Transparency and Consistency in International Investment Law: Is There a Need for a Review Mechanism?.

An event co-sponsored by Columbia University and the Universite Paris I

Featured speakers include:

Patrick Juillard (Universite Paris I): "Are there significant differences in the substantive provisions of international investment agreements and in their interpretation?"
George A. Bermann (Columbia)
Merit E. Janow (Columbia)
Rainer Geiger (Sorbonne)
Jose Alvarez (Columbia): "Implications for the Future of International Investment Law"
Picture©Columbia University and OECD

March 31 , 2006
The Evolving Concept of Civil Society in China

Seminar with Jean-Philippe Beja (CERI-Sciences Po). Co-sponsored by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

March 29 , 2006
Does Islam need a Reformulation to be Compatible with the West?

Co-sponsored by the Middle East Institute. Introduction and conclusion by Olivier Roy (Sciences Po).
Session 1
David Westbrook, SUNY, Buffalo; Alexandre Caeiro, ISIM, Leiden ("The Political Economy of Fatwas in Europe"); Aziz Huq, NYU, session Discussant; Picture©BBC
Session 2
Frank Peter, ISIM, Leiden ("Muslim Preachers in France: Carriers of New Islamic Discourses?"); Amel Boubekeur, EHESS/ENS, Paris ("What is a Post-islamist Norm?") Picture©Carnegie Middle East Center ; Olivier Roy, Sciences Po, session discussant

Video (40:15)

March 29, 2006
Who's Right about the French Labor Market: the Government or the Youth?
Panel with David Jestaz (Director, Alliance Program, and Visiting Professor, SIPA), David Malamed (Partner, Gide Loyrette Nouel), Fabrice Sergent (President, Lagardere).
Picture©Columbia University
Picture©France Amerique

March 24, 2006
The Dilemmas of an Expanding European Union
Seminar with Jacques Rupnik (CERI- Sciences Po). Co-sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Europe.
Picture©Harvard University

March 7, 2006
Tying the Gordian Knots, Targeted Killings and the Ethics of Prevention
Seminar with Ariel Colonomos (CERI- Sciences Po, Visiting Professor, SIPA. Cosponsored by the Saltzman Insitute of War and Peace Studies.

March 2, 2006
Imagined Communities. How British Parties Construct Collective Identities
Seminar with Florence Faucher King (Sciences Po-CEVIPOF, Visiting Professor, Vanderbilt University).

February 23, 2006
Should China Revalue its Currency? Some lessons of the Japanese Experience During the '80s

Seminar with Claude Meyer (Lecturer, Sciences Po and Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne). Co-sponsored by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the Center for Japanese Economy and Business.



February 21, 2006
Is It Is or Is It Ain't My Obligation? Regional Debt in a Fiscal Federation
Seminar with Hubert Kempf (Professor, Economics, Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne; Advisor, Banque de France).

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Picture©Banque de France

February 16 , 2006

Does bilateralism promote trade? 19th century liberalization revisited
Marc Flandreau (Professor, Sicences Po; CEPR and OFCE) in conversation with Jagdish Bhagwati (Columbia).

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Picture©Graduate Institute of International Studies

February 15 , 2006
The Darfur Conflict and its Impact on Chadian Politics
Roland Marchal

Seminar with Roland Marchal (Senior Research Fellow, CNRS).

Picture©Universite Total

February 15, 2006
in the aftermath of the riots: what we have not done for the minorities

Richard Descoings, Sciences Po Director, keynote speaker at the second annual Alliance benefit dinner. Co-sponsored by UBS Investment Bank and Champagne Charles Lafitte.

Video Part I (41:43)
Video Part II (24:40)

February 9 , 2006
The Politics of Risk
Seminar with Olivier Borraz (Researcher, CSO, Sicences Po; Visiting Professor at Harvard)
Picture©Sciences Po

February 3 , 2006
Diversity : a Challenge for Global Firms

Panel featuring:

Jacques De Larosiere: Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Board, BNP Paribas. Former IMF Director, Bank of France Governor and EBRD Director
J. Christopher Simmons: Chairman's Office Partner and Chief Diversity Officer ("CDO") of Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Ron Boire: Executive Vice-President, General Merchandise Manager, Best Buy

We also celebrated the launching of a 60,000$ partnership with BNP Paribas in scholarships with the Alliance Program Degrees.

January 26 , 2006

Achievements and Paradoxes of Modern Humanitarianism
Seminar with Rony Brauman, Former President of Doctors without Borders-Medecins sans Frontieres; Associate Professor, Sciences Po
Picture©Fougere Eric/Corbis Sygma

January 24, 2006
The End of Europe?
Seminar with Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, lawyer and author of An Alliance At Risk, the United States and Europe Since September 11.
Moderated by Volker Berghahn (Columbia).

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Picture©Alliance Francaise

January 11, 2006
Modeling and Computation for Kinematically and Stochastically Nonlinear Continua: Applications in Biomechanics and Nanomaterials
Seminar with Gautam Dasgupta, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Held at Ecole Polytechnique.
Picture©Gautam Dasgupta
FALL 2005  
December 1, 2005
IMF in Theory: Sovereign Debt, Judicialisation and Multilateralism
Seminar with Jerome Sgard, Economist at CEPII, Associate Professor at Paris IX Dauphine; Rresearcher at CERI-Sciences Po

Download the paper


November 30, 2005
Crisis and Reform of the Russian Health Care system (from 1989 to 2004)
Seminar with Benoit Mathivet, PhD Candidate at University of Paris I- Sorbonne (ROSES) and EHESS. Event co-sponsored with the Harriman Institute.

November 21, 2005
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the Contradictions of French Policy in Ivory Coast
Seminar with Ruth Marshall-Fratani, Political Science, MALD, Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.
Picture©Indiana University Press

November 18, 2005
France: A Country in Decline?
A dialogue between Alain Juppe (Former French Prime Minister, Professor at ENAP, Montreal) and Guy Sorman. Co-sponsored by the Alliance Program, organized by the Maison Francaise.

November 11, 2005
Understanding the Riots in France
Panel featuring Bernard Salanie (Columbia/Ecole Polytechnique) and Sudhir Venkatesh (Columbia). Co-sponsored by the French American Foundation.
See the video
Picture©Columbia University

November 10, 2005
The Impact of Terrorism on History, from Antiquity to the 21st century
Seminar with Arnaud Blin, Researcher at the Institut Diplomatie et Défense in Paris.
Picture©University of California Press

November 4, 2005
Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East, Jews an Arabs in France: Archaeology of a Conflict
Seminar with Esther Benbassa (Chair, Modern Jewish History, Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes).

Jewishness and Otherness in a Time of Conflict
Seminar with Jean Christophe Attias (Ecole Pratique des
Hautes Etudes).

Joint Event co-sponsored with the Maison Francaise and the Middle East Institute.

Picture©Zed Books

November 3, 2005
Islamic Movements in Saudi Arabia
Seminar with Pascal Menoret, Research Associate at the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences in Sanaa, Yemen. Co-sponsored with the Middle East Institute.
Picture©Universite de Montreal

October 28, 2005
Max Plus Decomposition of Supermartingales, American Options and Stochastic Order
Seminar with Nicole El Karoui, Professor of Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique.
Picture©Ecole Polytechnique

October 26 , 2005
Some New Perspectives for Organic Synthesis
Seminar with Samir Zard, Professor of Chemistry, Ecole Polytechnique.
Picture©Ecole Polytechnique

October 19 , 2005
The European Union and the US: the Transatlantic Legal Agenda
Seminar with Michel Petite, Director General of the European Commission Legal Service. Co-sponsored with the Maison Francaise, The Institute for Study of Europe and the European Legal Studies Center.

October 11 , 2005
Civic Attitudes and the Design of Labor Market Institutions
Seminar with Pierre Cahuc, Professor of Economics at Paris I and Ecole Polytechnique. Moderated by Till Von Wachter (Columbia). Co-sponsored with the Department of Economics.

Download the paper

Picture©Le Monde

September 29, 2005
La Laicite Francaise Face a l'Islam
Seminar with Jean Bauberot, Professor at EPHE- Sorbonne. Event co-sponsored with the Maison Francaise.

September 29, 2005
India, the New Strategic Ally of the US in Asia
Seminar with Christophe Jaffrelot, Director of CERI at Sciences Po. Introduction by Xiabo Lu, Director of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

Download the paper

Picture©Sciences Po

September 27, 2005
New Slave Particle Methods for Correlated Fermion Systems
Seminar with Luca Demedici, Phd Student at Ecole Polytechnique. Co-sponsored by the Department of Physics.
Picture©Rutgers University

September 19, 2005
Relationship between the Humanitarian Action and the Military: Which Role for Each?
Francois Rubio, Legal Director of Medecins du Monde, Associate Professor at Sciences Po and University of Paris I.
Picture©Columbia University

September 14, 2005
Contrarian Behavior and Opinion Dynamics in the Results of 2000 and 2004 American Presidential Elections: a Model from Physics

Seminar with Serge Galam, Senior Researcher at CNRS, CREA-Ecole Polytechnique.

Download the paper

Picture©Ecole Polytechnique

reated in the fall 2002, the Alliance Program is a non-profit transatlantic joint-venture between Columbia University and three French prestigious institutions, The École Polytechnique, Sciences Po and the Université of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

Alliance is an innovative program whose aim is to initiate and accompany new initiatives in the fields of education cooperation, research collaboration, and policy outreach. Over the last four years the Alliance’s scope of activities have included the organization of numerous academic conferences both in Paris and in New York, the setting up of international multidisciplinary research teams, and the creation of joint-courses and curricula targeting the students of its founding partners.