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SPRING 2008  

May 19-21
New Directions in Quantitative Finance
International workshop with the Alliance Program, Ecole Polytechnique, Columbia University and University of Florida. Held in Paris.


May 6
Terreur et Martyre and Al Qaida in the text
Book presentation by Gilles Kepel (Professor of Middle East Studies at SciencesPo).
Picture©Chaire de recherche du Canada


May 1
May 68: A Time for History, A Turn to Ethics
With Emmannuelle Loyer (SciencesPo) and Julien Bourg (Bucknell University). Cosponsored by The Maison Francaise at Columbia University and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

April 24
The Enigma of Islamist Violence
Book presentation by Laetitia Bucaille, head of CERI's Research Group on Middle East and the Arab World. Cosponsored by the Middle East Institute.

April 17
Northern Uganda: a forgotten conflict again? The role of external actors in the Northern Uganda conflict resolution

Seminar with Sandrine Perrot (CERI-SciencesPo). Cosponsored by the Political Science Department and the Institute of African Studies.

April 15
Darwin's Nightmare
Screening of the documentary, followed by a panel discussion with: Mamadou Diouf, Director, Institute of African Studies, Columbia University; Francois Garcon, Professor of Film History (Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, author of "The Other Side of Darwin's Nightmare"); Sandrine Perrot, Senior Research Fellow (SciencesPo CERI), a specialist of the Great Lake Region. Cosponsored by the Institute of African Studies and the International Media & Communications concentration at SIPA.

April 12
Purify and Destroy
A panel with Jacques Semelin (SciencesPo-CERI) on his book. Conference of the Association for the Studies of the Nationalities.

Picture©McGill University

April 10
Is the Middle East Relevant?

Lecturre by Ghassan Salame, Professor at SciencesPo and Visiting Professor at Columbia. Under the High Patronage of The Honorable Francois Delattre, Consul General of France in New York.

With the support of
Benefactor: Philippe Camus (Lagardere)
Sponsors: Pierre Albouy, Joseph Audi, Edgard El Chaar, Jean El Khoury, Michael Kassouf

Ghassan Salamé is a Professor of International Relations at Sciences Po, France, and currently the Alliance Program’s Visiting Professor at Columbia University. Ghassan Salamé was the Minister of Culture to Lebanon in Rafik Hariri’s government from 2000 to 2003. He was appointed Chairman and Spokesman of the Organization Committee for the March 2002 Arab Summit and for the October 2002 Francophone Summit in Beirut. From June 2003, he was Sergio Vieira de Mello’s political advisor in the first UN mission to Irak and served as the Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary General until 2006. He is serving on various boards, including on the International Crisis Group and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Ghassan Salamé is recognized as one of the most respected actors and observers of Middle East Politics in the few past decades.

Click here to read covering of this event by France-Amérique.

Video - Intro by Consul (4:19)
Video - Intro by Vanessa Scherrer (6:09)
Video - Conference by Ghassan Salame (40:17)
Video - Q&A (10:39)

Please allow time for the video to download.




March 26
The Arab Initiative for Middle East Peace - Dead or Alive?
Lecture by Ghassan Salame. Conveyed by the Columbia University Seminar on the Middle East.


March 26
Regulations and Public Utilities in Energy and Telecommunication: Cases in Europe and in the United States
Seminar with Nicolas Curien, Joe Fontana, Pippo Ranci. Moderator: Claude Henry. Cosponsored by the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy and the Earth Institute.

March 21
The Moral and Political Thought of Gandhi
Seminar with Akeel Bilgrami at Universite Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.

March 20
Dead Reckoning: Technology, Risk and Safety in Air Traffic Control

Seminar with Diane Vaughan at SciencesPo.

March 18
Identity Politics and Liberal Thought

Seminar with Akeel Bilgrami at Universite Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.

March 12
The Innovations of the Lisbon Treaty

Seminar with Michel Petite, Clifford and Chance, former Director General of the Legal Service of the European Commission.


March 6
Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

Lecture by Bertrand Collomb, former CEO of Lafange. Cosponsored by the Earth Institute and the SIPA concentrations on Environmental Policy Studies and Economic and Political Development.


March 5
The Normative Empire. How Europe is shaping global norms?
Seminar with Zaki Laidi, Senior Research fellow at the Centre d'Etudes Européennes of Sciences Po. Cosponsored by the Institute for the Study of Europe.


February 25
Ecology and Democracy
Lecture by Bruno Latour, Vice President for Research at Sciences Po. Discussant: Michael Taussig. Cosponsored by the Heyman Center for the Humanities and ISERP.
See comments about the event.

February 6
The China-Japan Equation: Economic Partners, Strategic Rivals
Seminar with Claude Meyer (Sciences Po). Co-Sponsored with the Center on Japanese Economy and Business, the APEC Study Center, and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.
Picture©Sciences Po

February 4
La France, une Identité Démocratique
Seminar with Vincent Duclert. Organized at the Maison Francaise.


FALL 2007  
November 15
On Negotiating the Bourdieu Legacy in the Social Sciences
Seminar by Bernard Lahire (ENS, CNRS), in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, the Maison Française, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.
Picture©Duke University

November 8
An Overview of the French Political Landscape since the Presidential Election
Seminar with Gérard Grunberg (former Vice-Provost for Research, SciencesPo), co-sponsored by SciencesPo Alumni USA, November 8 at the French Trade Office in New York

Picture©Sciences Po

November 8
The French Left and the Democratic Party—in Search of a New Identity?
Seminar with Irene Finel-Honigman (Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, SIPA) and Gérard Grunberg (SciencesPo), in collaboration with the Maison Française and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States
Picture©DColumbia University

November 7
Memories of Slave Trade, Slavery, and Colonialism in France Today
Seminar with Françoise Vergès (Reader at the Center for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London), in collaboration with the Maison Française at Columbia University
Picture©Goldsmiths College

November 1
The Presidential Elections in the United States
Seminar with Irene Finel-Honigman (Adjunct Professor, International and Public Affairs, SIPA)
Picture©Columbia University

October 1
India: Religious and Caste Profile of Elected Politicians in 16 States from 1952 to 2006
Seminar with Christophe Jaffrelot (Director, SciencesPo–CERI), in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion, and the Southern Asia Institute
Picture©DSciences Po

September 27
To Be an Arab in Israel
Book presentation by Laurence Louër (SciencesPo—CERI), co-sponsored by Columbia University Press and the Middle East Institute
Picture Columbia University Press

September 25
Purify and Destroy
Book presentation by Jacques Semelin (SciencesPo–CERI), Co-sponsored with Columbia University Press and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States
Picture©Columbia University Press

July 6–7
Emerging Powers in Global Governance: New Challenges and Policy Options
IDDRI conference, in collaboration with SIPA (Columbia University), the Chaire Développement durable (SciencesPo), the International Institute for Sustainable Development; co-sponsored by the Alliance Program. Held in Paris.
Among other participants: Richard Descoing (Director, SciencesPo), Alain Juppé (French Minister of Ecology, Development, and Land Planning), Lisa Anderson (Dean, SIPA, Columbia University), Laurence Tubiana (Director, SciencesPo–IDDRI), Angel Gurria (Secretary General, OECD), Daniel Cohen (ENS, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Elizabeth Economy (Director for Asian Study, Council on Foreign Affairs), Jeffrey Sachs (Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University), Joanna Rubinstein (Director, Global Health Initiative, The Earth Institute, Columbia University), Joseph Stiglitz (Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School, 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics), Bernard Kouchner (Minister of Foreign Affairs).
Picture©Sciences Po

June 19
Peptide Engineering: Applications in Nanotechnology, Bioelectrocatalysis, and Drug Delivery
Seminar with Alfonso Jaramillo (Laboratory of Bio-Chemistry, Ecole Polytechnique) and Scott Banta (Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University). Held at the Ecole Polytechnique
Picture©Ecole Polytechnique

reated in the fall 2002, the Alliance Program is a non-profit transatlantic joint-venture between Columbia University and three French prestigious institutions, The École Polytechnique, Sciences Po and the Université of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

Alliance is an innovative program whose aim is to initiate and accompany new initiatives in the fields of education cooperation, research collaboration, and policy outreach. Over the last four years the Alliance’s scope of activities have included the organization of numerous academic conferences both in Paris and in New York, the setting up of international multidisciplinary research teams, and the creation of joint-courses and curricula targeting the students of its founding partners.